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After the Season 3 premiere of The Flash successfully went through the entire Flashpoint arc in one quick segment, we were left in disbelief. Was Flashpoint really over that quickly? Did it go just as quickly as it came?

Nothing is certain at the moment, but it appears as though Flashpoint is over, and the season will continue with the natural timeline of events. Everything looks to be back to normal, except one thing: Iris West isn't who she was before Flashpoint occurred.

After Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne successfully set the timeline of events to their correct path by murdering Barry's mother Nora Allen, they returned to the present universe. When they return, Barry finds that his life is back to normal, but one thing is obviously missing: Iris West is no longer a part of Team Flash and she doesn't talk to her father, Joe West, either.

What that means for The Flash is that something else happened during Flashpoint, and said event caused yet another change in the timeline — resulting in Iris West's life changing substantially.

Is Iris West's Change Integral To The Flashpoint Arc?

In terms of the grand scheme of The Flash, Iris West's life changing doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but when considering that an entire universe with a brand new timeline was just established in Flashpoint — due to Barry Allen's actions changing one thing in the past — then couldn't another small change set the timeline on a different track once again?

Accounting for Iris West's life being very different in the timeline that Barry Allen returned to after Flashpoint means two things. For one, Barry isn't home just yet. Barry Allen is in yet another parallel universe, outside of his original universe and Flashpoint. And two, someone else is responsible for altering the timeline this time around. It may be some time before we figure out who is responsible for creating another timeline/universe, but it's safe to say that it's probably either Eobard Thawne, or the new villain Alchemy.

Is Someone Responsible For Creating Another Universe During Flashpoint?

Considering that another timeline has apparently been established and Barry Allen still hasn't returned to his original timeline, that would make it a total of three timelines/universes existing on The Flash, similar to the Flashpoint event of DC Comics, which saw the merging of three Earths. Is it possible The Flash will see the three existing timelines merged into one? From the looks of the newest sneak peek into next week's episode, "Paradox," Barry Allen can be seen conversing with Jay Garrick and admitting to creating to a paradoxical universe outside of his own universe and the Flashpoint universe:

In comparison to The Flash telling of Flashpoint, the DC Comics depiction of the Flashpoint event also concluded with Barry Allen going into the past to correct the mistake of saving his mother's life. But when Barry Allen ventured back into the past, he ran into someone on the way there: Pandora.

Pandora hasn't been introduced on The Flash yet, but in DC Comics, she was ultimately responsible for merging the three universes/timelines into one collective universe, a universe which shared characteristics of all three universes.

On The Flash, the events didn't play out the same way. After Barry Allen spent some time in the Flashpoint universe, he successfully returned to the past to correct his mistake and he did. But unlike the DC Comics of Flashpoint, Barry Allen didn't run into Pandora. Now that may seem insignificant, but the exclusion of Pandora could have been purposely done to emphasize the real transition out of Flashpoint when it does occur.

Flashpoint May Be Revisited Throughout Season 3

Considering that many elements of the DC Comics' depiction of Flashpoint made it onto The Flash, Pandora not existing on the series is worth mentioning. Being a seminal character in the Flashpoint event of DC Comics, it would be ideal to include Pandora on The Flash later in the season.

Yes, the Flashpoint universe that was visited in the premiere probably won't be seen again on this season of The Flash, but the entire Flashpoint arc may not be over yet. It could end when Barry Allen figures out what Eobard Thawne did in the past to change Iris's life, along with stopping it from ever happening. However, once Barry Allen figures out how Eobard Thawne changed the past, Barry would possibly be confronted by Pandora before he makes it to the past to correct the timeline.

In that scenario, Barry running into Pandora would likely see the three separate timelines/universes (created due to Flashpoint) being merged into one universe, similar to how DC Comics depicted Flashpoint.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW. Episode Two, "Paradox," airs on October 11, 2016.

What do you think? Is Flashpoint really over? Or did the final scenes of the Season 3 premiere hint at Flashpoint continuing? Leave your thougths in the comments below!