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Ever since The Flash first premiered on The CW back in 2014, fans of the comics have been eagerly awaiting the formation of one of DC's most popular villain teams: The Rogues. Lead by Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold, this team of reprobates use their collective powers and gadgets to match the Flash whenever he tries to thwart their plans. Proving to be a challenge for Barry, the Rogues nevertheless have their own code of ethics, which has endeared them to readers for many years.

And yet, so far the Rogues have never teamed up in The Flash, at least not in the same way as their comic book counterparts. There have been several episodes featuring Captain Cold, Heatwave, and Snart's sister Lisa (Golden Glider), and the latest episode of Season 3 saw Mirror Master and the Top join the fray.

"The New Rogues" introduced us to different versions of Mirror Master and the Top, and with slightly altered powers these characters proved to be fresh and interesting. Scudder, who in the comics used mirror related gadgets to travel into the mirror dimension, is a metahuman. Dillon — male in the comics — seems to only have retained the metahuman power of inducing vertigo, while in the comics the Top could also spin at incredible speeds. This was neatly referenced as Jesse Quick spun Rosa Dillon around to incapacitate her.

As enjoyable as the episode was, the arrival and subsequent incarceration of Mirror Master and the Top might have just proved one thing — that we won't see the Rogues team up on The Flash, in this season at least.

The Rogues Used To Be A Team

We already knew that Snart had connections with characters like Weather Wizard, but the flashback at the beginning of "The New Rogues" suggested that he had formed the Rogues before the particle accelerator explosion. In a dispute after their recent heist, Snart urges Scudder and Dillon to lay low, but they take a stand, saying they'd rather leave the team than follow Snart's rules.

Mirror Master and the Top in "The New Rogues". [The CW]
Mirror Master and the Top in "The New Rogues". [The CW]

So what does this mean for the show? Well, the fact that the Rogues already know each other does help, but with Cold missing, Heatwave having joined the Legends, and Scudder, Dillon and Weather Wizard in jail, it doesn't look like they'll be teaming up any time soon.

That's probably a good thing though, as the Rogues just wouldn't be the Rogues without Leonard Snart. Season 3 Episode 2 raised plenty of questions about the fate of Snart in this post-Flashpoint timeline. Before the reset, we know that Snart joined the Legends, and after some serious soul searching and character development, he sacrificed his life to save his team — and the universe, and all of time — from the manipulative Time Masters. But in this new post-Flashpoint timeline, did any of this happen at all?

The Ghost Of Rogues Past

While Barry still believes Leonard joined the Legends, it's entirely possible that in this version of events Leonard chose to stay in 2016, instead of running off to join the Legends. He must have disappeared at some point though, because when Scudder asked his old team mate where Snart was, the man didn't know.

Captain Cold in 'The Flash' Season 1. [The CW]
Captain Cold in 'The Flash' Season 1. [The CW]

The Legends themselves seem to have been protected from Barry's Flashpoint reset by their presence on the Waverider — by hopping around in and out of the timestream, it's possible that they're immune to time resets. That leaves open the possibility that one Snart died saving the universe, while the post-Flashpoint Snart never joined the Legends in the first place.

If that's the case, then this could be the Snart we will eventually see join the Reverse Flash in forming the Legion of Doom, later on in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow. This would tie neatly into the plot of The Flash Season 3, as the repercussions of Flashpoint ripple out into the other shows.

The alternative, of course, is that the Snart who will return to Legends of Tomorrow is the same Snart we know and love, brought back from the dead for some nefarious purpose.

Leonard and Sara on the bridge of the Waverider. [The CW]
Leonard and Sara on the bridge of the Waverider. [The CW]

Either way, none of this bodes well for us seeing the Rogues team up in Season 3 of The Flash. If the gang ever do get together, it'll be later on, in Season 4 or possibly even later than that.

In the meantime, we might see a different incarnation of the Rogues in Warner Brothers' 2018 the Flash movie — and there are already rumors that Captain Cold and the Rogues may indeed be the villains of this film. That might prevent the Rogues from teaming up in The CW's The Flash show, as already happened with the non-appearance of the Suicide Squad in Arrow.

We'll just have to wait and see to find out, but while there is groundwork laid for the Rogues to team up later in The Flash, we probably won't see this happen in Season 3.

Tell us in the comments: Why do you think Captain Cold will join the Legion of Doom?


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