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For the second time in forever, indie director and comic book aficionado returned to direct an episode of this week, titled 'Killer Frost'. While it's hard to tell sometimes if we're just elated or gassy, Caitlyn Snow's descent into villainy ultimately left us more excited about The Flash than we've felt in a long time, representing a thrilling return to form for the show.

However, while watching Killer Frost deal with that swirling storm inside, we couldn't help but notice some parallels between Caitlyn's ordeal and a certain Queen of Arendelle who also struggled to break free from her kingdom of isolation.

[Via Disney Animation]
[Via Disney Animation]

That's right, guys. Just when you thought you were finally able to let it go, Disney's Frozen has reared its icy head once more, rising like the break of dawn. Naturally, Kevin Smith took full advantage of the parallels between Killer Frost and Elsa, casually throwing in a Frozen easter egg for eagle-eyed fans to spot.

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

In a recent Facebook Live video, Smith primed viewers to search for the blink and you'll miss it reference to Disney's beloved musical:

"I'm not going to spoil it here but look for the hidden in-joke, not even an in-joke, look for the hidden reference, look for the Frozen joke there you go. When Caitlin takes Julian Albert hostage, its fast, and you gotta look close, blink and you'll miss it. It's an establishing shot of the Frozen food place, but when you see it, you'll know that we were thinking about you and that exact question."

Didn't catch the Frozen easter egg? Sure, you could go back and watch 'Killer Frost' again, but c'mon. The past is in the past, guys, so just check out our screenshot below instead.

[Via The CW/Cinemablend]
[Via The CW/Cinemablend]

It's funny how some distance makes everything seem small, so let us help some more by spelling the homage out, plain to see:

Ledded goh? What's that got to do with... Ahhhh, yes. Well played, Kevin. Well played. For those of you who possess the mental capacity of Olaf in summer, here's a clip from Frozen that should make everything nice and clear.

While it seems unlikely that an official Frozen/The Flash crossover will ever happen, Barry Allen does enjoy messing up the timeline more than most, so there's always the remote possibility that Central City and Arendelle could meet five or so seasons down the line.

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In the meantime though, the fate of Killer Frost still remains unclear. While Caitlyn has succeeded in suppressing her dark side for now, Vibe's visions of the future suggest that the perfect girl is gone now, leaving a fractured version of Snow behind. Let's just hope that Killer Frost can release all of her pent-up angst in the upcoming musical episode, belting out a suitably cathartic power ballad of Disney-esque proportions.


Should Caitlyn Snow let go of the Killer Frost persona?


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