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Note: this article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3.

After months of speculation, last week's episode of finally revealed that Savitar was indeed none other than Future Flash himself. But the shocking reveal left us all wondering: what on earth happened to Barry Allen to make him become the evil "God of Speed"?

Well, in order to get us even more excited for the show's final few episodes, The CW has released a brand new extended trailer, which gives us a little more insight into Savitar's origins and highlights just how intense the show is about to become.

Check out the brand new trailer below:

As the trailer consists of footage from the final three episodes, there's quite a lot to digest. So let's take a look at some of the important events and see if we can figure out what this means for the show.

Iris Has To Die

Iris comes face to face with Savitar. [Credit: The CW]
Iris comes face to face with Savitar. [Credit: The CW]

The trailer reveals a little more as to what happened to Future Flash to make him become Savitar: he lost Iris. The evil speedster reveals that Iris has to die in the present so that he can be born in the present timeline, alluding to the fact that he lost Iris in his own time, forcing him down the dark path to becoming Savitar.

But despite the fact that Iris is supposedly destined to die, that doesn't stop Joe from pleading with the evil version of his adopted son. But it doesn't take long for Savitar to remind all of us that he is no longer Barry.

However, it's also worth noting that amidst all the drama in the trailer, future Barry does share a brief moment with the woman he once loved when Iris lovingly places her hand on his face. And for a moment, it seems like her touch can soothe the monster within. But the question is: will that save her?

Savitar Always Wins

It's clear to see that the trailer has adopted the same tone as the majority of the season: hopelessness. Just like we have seen so many times before, the trailer plays off the fact that no matter what he does, Barry just can't seem to beat Savitar.

But with Iris' life hanging in the balance, it seems that he is going to do whatever it takes to win, and he even questions himself and how far he is willing to go to stop himself. The close-up on the Reverse-Flash costume is definitely intriguing because it seems to suggest that Barry knows crossing that line will turn him into his archenemy. But will he consider it nonetheless?

Will Barry become the Reverse-Flash to stop Savitar? [Credit: The CW]
Will Barry become the Reverse-Flash to stop Savitar? [Credit: The CW]

But even Savitar himself reminds him that fighting is futile — he chillingly informs Barry that even if he does manage to kill him, this will end up making him become his future evil self. No matter what happens, it just seems like Savitar always wins. And the closing image enforces this terrifying fact as the Flash cradles a dead Iris.

Captain Cold Is Back To Help Barry

One of the more humorous aspects of the trailer came from Leonard Snart's lesson on how to orchestrate a plan. We knew that Captain Cold was returning from the dead to help Barry stop Savitar, but we still don't know how.

Captain Cold helps Barry break into A.R.G.U.S and runs into King Shark. [Credit: The CW]
Captain Cold helps Barry break into A.R.G.U.S and runs into King Shark. [Credit: The CW]

Having seen mirages, hallucinations and evil versions of Cold return on , it seems like this version of Snart is indeed the one we all know and love. He informs Barry about all the tools necessary to carry out a successful plan, while we see Tracy Brand working on her device to stop Savitar. Could Snart's experience with planning heists help Team Flash's plan to take down Savitar?

But how does he return to life, and what on earth are the pair doing at A.R.G.U.S.?

Will Killer Frost Help Team Flash?

Caitlin Snow was very fond of her best friend Cisco, but her transformation into Killer Frost led to her betraying the entire Team Flash to align herself with Savitar. That led to battles with Vibe himself as Cisco desperately pleaded with her to remember who she was. And it seems like that is set to continue.

While we do indeed see the two collide one more time — with Killer Frost threatening to kill him once and for all — the more intriguing aspect of the trailer is Caitlin's relationship with Future Barry.

Savitar attacks Killer Frost. [Credit: The CW]
Savitar attacks Killer Frost. [Credit: The CW]

At one point, the two exchange a long lingering look into each other's eyes, but we also see Savitar grabbing her by the throat. And that makes us wonder: Are we about to see SnowBarry become a thing on , or is Savitar truly just using Killer Frost to get to Team Flash? If it's the latter, will Caitlin use her icy powers for good and freeze the unstoppable speedster? It certainly wouldn't be the first time.

With The Flash's season finale right around the corner, this brand new trailer has revealed quite a lot of interesting information about Season 3's final three episodes. Not only did it reveal a little more of Savitar's backstory, it also highlighted how Killer Frost and Captain Cold may indeed play crucial roles in taking down the "God of Speed." But with Iris' life hanging in the balance, will the team of be able to overcome Future Barry?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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