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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3 premiere. If you've yet to see this episode then stop reading now — you won't be able to go back in time and unread it.

The third season of The Flash has officially begun and I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for Barry and the gang. After that shocking Season 2 finale, Barry must learn to adapt in the new timeline that he's created, but unfortunately everything is not as it seems. The emotionally charged season premiere was full of heart racing moments so before we get excited for next week's episode, let's take a look back at the most jaw-dropping scenes from Season 3, Episode 1 "Flashpoint."

1. Barry Forgets The Original Timeline

Barry's former life is disappearing before his eyes (via The CW).
Barry's former life is disappearing before his eyes (via The CW).

This timeline was paradise for Barry Allen. Barry had everything he ever wanted in life — his parents are alive, he's successful at work and he just managed to ask Iris out on a date. It was like a dream. However, things took a turn for the worse when he began experiencing memory loss — while on his date with Iris.

The Reverse Flash explained the situation to him: The new timeline is beginning to set and as a result Barry is losing his memories of his former life. Throughout the episode, Barry lost memories of Cisco, Iris and himself as The Flash. This ongoing memory loss made Barry realize that changing the timeline was more serious that he initially thought. Oops.

2. Flashpoint Iris And Barry Go On A Date & Have Romantic Chemistry From The Beginning

Barry and Iris seem perfect for each other in this timeline (via The CW).
Barry and Iris seem perfect for each other in this timeline (via The CW).

In this Flashpoint universe, Barry and Iris didn't live together growing up and as a result they don't know each other that well. The minute that Barry asked her out on a date though, the chemistry was evident.

The pair went on that date and it didn't take long for the two to connect. Iris explained to Barry how she feels drawn to him and cannot understand why. It's rather unusual to see the pair immediately connecting romantically but it proves that the whole sibling dynamic that they shared in the former timeline prevented them from getting romantically involved for a long time. Here, they are free from that burden and the possibility of a romantic relationship is something that they both want from the start.

3. The Flash Takes On The Rival

The Flash saves the day in this timeline too (via The CW).
The Flash saves the day in this timeline too (via The CW).

Perhaps the greatest moment of the episode arrived when The Flash took on The Rival. The pair chased each other over Central City after The Rival proclaims that he is the fastest man alive. He had clearly never met the Scarlet Speedster before. The Rival created two giant tornados and Barry remained clueless as to what he could do to stop them. Iris spoke words of encouragement to him and reminded him who he really is: The Flash. Now Barry knew what he needed to do.

Barry ran as fast as he round and round until he ultimately destroyed the first tornado. He didn't stop there though, moments later Barry leaped into the other tornado and ran even faster until it was no more. The Rival looked on in disgust but he finally accepted that The Flash is the fastest man alive. Barry has competed against The Reverse Flash and Zoom before, both of whom were faster than Barry. It was great here to see Barry prove his speed and come out on top.

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4. Flashpoint Wally West Is Wounded

Wally suffers the consequences (via The CW).
Wally suffers the consequences (via The CW).

Another shocking moment from "Flashpoint" occurred moments before The Flash took down The Rival. Wally West — who is Kid Flash in this new timeline — got a little too big for his boots and thought he could handle The Rival on his own. For a while, he kept up with the supervillain and even managed to get the upper hand on several occasions. Go Wally!

Unfortunately, Wally's lucky streak didn't last too long and while he wasn't paying attention, The Rival stabbed him though the chest. Poor Wally, I didn't see that coming that's for sure. Wally's injury was enough to make Barry want to undo what he did to the timeline.

5. Barry Says Goodbye To His Parents

Barry bids farewell to his dream life (via The CW)
Barry bids farewell to his dream life (via The CW)

The Flash has always been great for the heartfelt moments and this episode had the most emotional one of the series yet. Following Wally's injury at the hand of The Rival, Barry decided that he can longer live his ideal life if it's going to cause so much trouble for everyone else. In a heart wrenching moment, he retuned to his family home to bid farewell to his Nora, Henry and in the process come to terms with the loss of his dream life.

Although Henry died in the former timeline Barry did get the opportunity to know him. Since his mother died when he was younger in the former timeline, Barry said a lengthened goodbye to his mother this time around, knowing that he will never see her again. It was heartbreaking and it definitely had me reaching for the tissue box.

6. Barry Creates Another New Timeline

What did you do Barry? (via The CW).
What did you do Barry? (via The CW).

With the help of his one true enemy Eobard Thawne, Barry seemingly reverted the timeline back to its former self by traveling back to the night of his father's funeral. Delighted to see Wally alive and well, Barry gave his brother from another mother a big hug. Aw, shucks — everything seemed right with the world. Not quite. When Barry asked Joe about the whereabouts of Iris, Joe became frosty and left the room. Apparently Iris and Joe don't speak. What went wrong?

It turns out that Barry didn't restore the previous timeline. In his attempt to undo his damage to the main timeline he actually ended up creating a third timeline. As of yet, Barry has no idea how to undo this and it looks like he might finally realize that his actions have consequences. Oh, Barry. We love you, but you've got to stop messing with the timeline, bro.

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After only one episode The Flash has raced itself back to the top of our favorite shows and if the premiere is anything to go by then Season 3 could be the most explosive season yet. The major questions that fans are left with are: will Barry be able to undo this new timeline or is he stuck in this brave new world forever? Only time will tell. You'd better hurry though Barry — in this case, time isn't on your side.

The Flash airs on The CW on Tuesdays. What was your favorite moment from the Season 3 premiere of The Flash? Tell me in the comment section below.


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