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Diehard fans of The Flash may wonder why a giant man-shark and someone who's named the Turtle would be given priority over some of Barry Allen's more iconic villains. Fair point, but if the show runners had crammed all of the Rogues into Season 1, then what else would we have to look forward to?

Fortunately, the Season 3 preview for Episode 4 has arrived, and it finally reveals our first glimpse of the Mirror Master. Sure, he may sound like a creepy old carnival worker, but in actual fact, Mirror Master is one of the Flash's most fascinating villains. That's probably why he's taken centre stage in the promo then, despite it being confirmed that The Top (Ashley Rickards) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) are also set to appear in the episode titled 'The New Rogues'.

Catch our first look at Mirror Master and some brief glimpses of The Top too in the clip below:

Why Is Mirror Master A Big Deal?

Grey Damon (Friday Night Lights, Aquarius) will play Sam Scudder, the first man to adopt Mirror Master's identity in the comics, way back in 1959. Sure, his costume looked a bit silly — hence a dramatic change for the villain's look on The Flash — but Mirror Master's unique skill set is arguably more formidable than every other big bad put together.

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

Using his advanced technological knowledge, Mirror Master's abilities include:

  • Hypnotism
  • Invisibility
  • Holograms
  • Inter-dimensional travel (through mirrors)

In the comics, Mirror Master traditionally uses technology to wage war on The Flash, but it looks like his character has been given meta-human powers for his debut on the show. Either way though, these abilities combine to make Mirror Master one of the Flash's most formidable Rogues, especially when you factor in his ability to travel through dimensions, a concept which has already been explored extensively on the show before.

Mirror Master, On The Wall, Who's The Deadliest Of Them All?

[Via The CW]
[Via The CW]

Like Captain Cold and The Trickster before him, Mirror Master will also hold a recurring role on The Flash. He won't be your typical villain of the week who's usually imprisoned in a S.T.A.R. Labs cell by the time the credits roll round.

This implies that Mirror Master could actually be far more important to the overall arc of Season 3 than we initially realized. While the villain initially teams up with his old partner, The Top, in order to settle a score with Captain Cold, this could very well lead to the debut of the Rogues, a coalition of Barry's most dangerous foes.

Check out Katie Cassidy's father, David, playing Mirror Master in '90s Flash show:

If that's the case, then future episodes could see the return of Weather Wizard, The Trickster and even The Pied Piper, as they unite with Mirror Master to form the iconic super villain team. This isn't much of a stretch to imagine, especially when you consider the episode's title — 'The New Rogues' — although this could also just signal the arrival of new villains on the scene too.

Will The Rogues Work In The Context Of Season 3?

The problem with using the Rogues as a team is that the show runs the risk of throwing too many villains into the mix, as Dr Alchemy and Savitar are supposed to be the two big bads of Season 3. However, the best thing about the Rogues is that the team constantly evolves, so they could continue to develop in future seasons, or even work alongside Dr Alchemy or Savitar at some point.

[Via DC Comics]
[Via DC Comics]

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It'll be interesting to see how The Flash TV show differentiates its Rogues from the DCEU version, as the team are set to face Barry on the big screen too. In the past, this potential clash could have been an issue — something that Arrow's Suicide Squad know all too well — but these days, it's since been revealed that The CW actively test out characters for use in Warner Bros. movies.

In terms of Mirror Master himself, perhaps the TV version will be able to use his inter-dimensional abilities to travel between earths as well as mirrors, incorporating his unique skill set into the show's focus on the Multiverse. Only time will well — but the more we reflect on it, the more it seems like this fan favorite villain will take a more and more prominent role in future episodes of The Flash.


Will Mirror Master form the Rogues on Season 3 of the Flash?


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