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Season 3 of The Flash began with Barry Allen () doing what he does best: fucking up the timeline. Among the many changes to the Flash universe that the show spent 2 seasons establishing, was the appearance of a brand-new character: Julian Albert (). The curious case of Julian Albert is still unraveling; one of the only things we know about him is that he has a disdain for his co-worker Barry Allen that seems all too familiar.

Tom Felton is a household name, thanks to his role as 's nemesis , and it appears that character may be bleeding into The Flash. At first glance, it is easy accept the notion that Draco Malfoy and Julian Albert are the same character, because they are played by the same actor. However, the more we learn about Julian, the more it becomes apparent that the two are shockingly similar.

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Barry Is Basically Julian's Harry Potter

Barry Allen and Harry Potter share many traits — even their names rhyme, for crying out loud! Both are popular and both have tragic family backstories. Both have a strong network of friends who are willing to make great sacrifices for them. Both have power and abilities that normal people could only dream of. This begs the question; are Barry and Julian basically just Harry and Draco?

Watch Barry Allen meet Julian Albert:

The traits that made audiences fall in love with both Barry and Harry are the very same things that Julian and Draco hate, mostly because they are everything they covet. Julian and Draco are also products of their environments much like those they disdain; however, they walk a slightly darker path. Where Barry and Harry embrace a hopeful outlook on life, Julian and Draco harbor a resentful, pessimistic outlook.

Julian & Draco Share A Similar Backstory

Image - The CW/Warner Bros.
Image - The CW/Warner Bros.

On The Flash, we learned that Julian came from an affluent family and did not live up to the expectations of his parents. Julian has referred to Barry as the “Golden Boy” of the CCPD; a title that he feels Barry does not deserve. He feels this way due to jealousy, and oddly enough, Draco felt the same way towards “The Boy Who Lived”. They both feel like the rules don’t apply to their respective nemeses.

They Are Both Jealous Of The Story's Hero, But Are Redeemable Characters

Since the audience has been introduced to Julian after Flashpoint, his hatred for Barry has been simmering under the surface. In the Season 3 episode ‘Monster’, we see Julian do something that Draco would definitely do; he tells on Barry. Much like in Harry Potter, this tattling did not have the desired effect. Barry receives a slap on the wrist, further solidifying Julian's notion that the rules simply don't apply to Barry.

The episode ‘Monster’ also gave us a glimpse of the reason why Julian doesn’t care for meta-humans. The reason isn’t so much that he is jealous of their powers; he just finds the ways they use them wasteful:

I don't need a deep personal reason to hate metas, I just need to see person after person transformed, given these extraordinary abilities and then watch them be squandered. Robbing banks, hurting people, spreading fear it's just...well it's not just a crime, it's an absolute waste. Can you imagine what it would be like to have those powers? I mean, I would be helping people, I would be improving the world. But I guess I wasn't one of the chosen few, was I?

Although Draco is never openly jealous of Harry’s power in terms of sheer wizarding ability, he is jealous of his connection to Voldemort and certain abilities that stem from the connection, which he admitted years later in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. This is yet another symptom of Julian and Draco’s “Why not me?” attitude.

Final Thoughts

When you step back and look at both Draco Malfoy and Julian Albert, there are very similar characters. When you pile on top of that by having the same actor play both roles, it sticks out even more. We are still in the early stages of getting to know Julian Albert on The Flash, but so far it appears that his story arc has hope. He was thankful that Flash saved him from accidentally killing the 15-year-old boy in ‘Monster’ and he appeared remorseful. Draco redeemed himself in official Harry Potter cannon; hopefully Julian will do the same and help Team Flash protect the city against meta-humans. You can catch The Flash on Tuesdays 8PM/ET on the CW!

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