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Week after week, Barry Allen likes to remind us that he's the fastest man alive — but these days, The Flash sure does have a lot of competition on his hands. Over the past three seasons, 10 speedsters have appeared on the show, and Savitar will join the race soon too, bumping the tally up to 11. That rather surprising number doesn't even count the Arrowverse's new additions, Superman and Supergirl or The Turtle, a villain whose ability to steal kinetic energy gave the illusion of speed.

As if that wasn't enough, there's easily double that number of speedsters contained within the pages of DC Comics, which means that The Flash could incorporate even more Barry wannabes into the mix if they chose to. There's already 6 speedsters set to play an active role in Season 3 — and that doesn't even include any potential surprises from the likes of the Black Flash, who could decide to pop up and freak people out, Dementor-style.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

It seems that The Flash may have a serious speedster problem on its hands, but will this influx of super-fast characters work to the show's favor or detriment in Season 3?

Which Speedsters Have We Met So Far?

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Out of the 10 speedsters who have appeared so far on The Flash, the majority have been evil, suggesting that some people just can't handle the fast life. Here's a brief run down of all the speedsters and their current status on the show;

  • Barry Allen/The Flash — Everyone's favorite timeline-destroying hero is still fighting the good fight.
  • Harrison Wells/The Reverse Flash 1.0 — Erased from the timeline, although we now have a different Harrison Wells from Earth-2 who is neither evil, nor a speedster.
  • Eobard Thawne / The Reverse Flash 2.0 — Currently fighting DC's Legends of Tomorrow as a member of the world's most ominous sounding team of evildoers, the Legion of Doom.
  • Jay Garrick / The Flash (Earth-3) — Currently active and reminding Barry to chill out and stop changing the past every three seconds.
  • Hunter Zolomon / Zoom — Zombified and presumably alive somehow in the Speed Force, thanks to the Time Wraiths who punished Zoom for his meddling.
  • The Black Flash — The former Zoom's whereabouts are currently unknown, but it would be strange for the show to introduce The Black Flash briefly, only to never use him again.
  • Wally West / Kid Flash — Wally's speedster powers disappeared once the Flashpoint timeline was dissolved, but there's a strong possibility that he could become Kid Flash once again in the future.
  • Trajectory — Eliza Harmon died when she pushed her powers to the limit, but with things like Flashpoint and Lazarus Pits bouncing around the Arrowverse, this may not be the last we've seen of Trajectory.
  • The Rival — After failing to carry out Doctor Alchemy's scheme, The Rival was killed in prison by Season 3's new big bad.
  • Jesse Quick — Jesse Quick's speedster abilities recently manifested for the first time in Episode 3, Magenta, enabling her to help The Flash fight to protect Central City.

Check out the first time that Jay Garrick officially appeared in the clip below:

Which Speedsters Will Play An Active Role In Season 3?

Aside from The Flash himself of course, it seems like Jesse Quick's newfound abilities will make her a prominent character in Season 3. By the end of Episode 3, Jesse has already received an official superhero costume from Team Flash, and we suspect that Wally West won't be too far behind.

After all, Wally replaced The Flash in the Flashpoint timeline, and Harrison Wells has already confirmed that the dark matter which gave Jesse her powers can affect people differently, thus implying that West will also become a speedster at a later date.

[Via CW]
[Via CW]

Barry's going to need all the help he can get from fellow speedsters once the villainous Savitar arrives in Central City. Sure, The Flash has faced corrupted speedsters before, but never like this. In the comics, Savitar is known for creating an evil cult of speedsters, and granting them the same abilities as Barry, so we could very well end up with a never-ending supply of super-fast characters on the show.

What Makes Barry Allen So Special Then?

The problem with having too many speedsters on the show is that it detracts from what makes Barry Allen unique in the first place. Between Jesse Quick, Wally West and Savitar, audiences could become tired of seeing people fight over and over using the same abilities, dragging The Flash down in a cycle of repetitive predictability.

Check out the debut of Jessie Quick's costume in the clip below:

However, while it's true that The Flash currently has a surplus of speedsters racing around, this approach is actually quite faithful to the comics. After all, there's a whole host of characters not yet seen on the show who can also tap into the Speed Force. Future episodes could potentially incorporate even more speedsters, including fan favorites such as Max Mercury, Impulse and Cobalt Blue.

Ultimately though, one could argue that surrounding The Flash with other speedsters highlights exactly why Barry is so unique and special. Each of these characters may possess similar abilities to The Flash, but how many of them have taken on this huge responsibility in this way? While every other speedster has either used their powers for evil or struggled to deal with their abilities, Barry has risen to the challenge and selflessly raced towards danger, time and time again.

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[Via CW]

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At the end of the day, Barry Allen may not be the fastest man alive, but his selflessness and compassion make him the most heroic, no matter how many speedsters end up appearing on the show.


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