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The Flash Season 2 finale really lived up to our expectations, as Barry and the gang managed to foil Zoom's dastardly plan to bring the multiverse crashing together. It was thrilling right up until the very end, when that final twist sent the show spiraling into an uncertain future.

Barry's decision to go back in time and save his mother will no doubt have huge repercussions for both Season 3 and the other CW DC shows. We're likely to see an adaptation of the comic The Flashpoint Paradox, but without the main characters of the Justice League it's difficult to predict how all of this will play out in Season 3.

Barry remembers in "The Flashpoint Paradox."
Barry remembers in "The Flashpoint Paradox."

The cast has already dropped a few hints, and they're teasing the unexpected.

No Metahuman Villain

In a new interview with DC Entertainment, Grant Gustin was eager to share one prediction he has for Season 3:

I've heard whispers that we might have a Big Bad that isn't a metahuman! Which is kinda cool."

After the Reverse Flash in Season 1 and Zoom in Season 2, it certainly would be a change of pace for Barry to face a villain without powers.

Zoom beats Barry in "The Flash," Season 2.
Zoom beats Barry in "The Flash," Season 2.

When he runs back to the future, Barry will either be a time remnant or find himself without powers. This new timeline is likely to be similar to the one Eobard Thawne comes from, wherein Harrison Wells doesn't create the particle accelerator until 2020. So if Barry isn't a metahuman in Season 3, having a non-metahuman Big Bad would make a lot of sense for the show. The question is: Who could this Big Bad be?

The Trickster

Mark Hamill's Trickster is perhaps the most interesting villain of the week, and so far we haven't seen much of this maniacal fiend. Which is a shame, considering his potential for awesome pop culture references.

Freed from prison twice, only to become incarcerated again, the Trickster has unleashed his trademark brand of terror on Central City several times. Considering the enormity of the crime for which he was originally arrested, the Trickster is a fearsome foe indeed, and his characterization makes him particularly unnerving.

This new timeline could see the Trickster still at large with his son Axel, as the Flash wasn't there to take them down. It's definitely possible within the show, but there's one small hiccup — Hamill's a bit busy right now filming Star Wars: Episode VIII and probably doesn't have time to become a regular in The Flash Season 3.

The Trickster in "The Flash," Season 2.
The Trickster in "The Flash," Season 2.

However, there is one character we know will play a big role in the next season.

Captain Cold

When Leonard Snart died in the penultimate episode of Legends of Tomorrow, many fans thought that was the last we'd see of Wentworth Miller's perpetually smirking and snarking villain-turned-antihero. Thankfully, news quickly followed that Miller is set to become a regular in both Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 and The Flash Season 3. Which didn't make a lot of sense, until now.

Captain Cold in "The Flash."
Captain Cold in "The Flash."

It's likely that in this new timeline Snart is still a petty thief; without Barry's actions as the Flash, Snart never would have got his cold gun and probably never would have been recruited into the Legends. So could he be the non-metahuman Big Bad for The Flash Season 3? That would certainly explain Miller becoming a regular next season, but there could be another reason for that.

In the Flashpoint comics, Barry returns to the reset present to discover that instead of the Flash, Captain Cold is Central City's greatest hero. Known as Citizen Cold, Snart's methods as a hero are vicious and brutal, making his morality debatable. This would be a really fun twist, and would make for an interesting dynamic between Barry and Snart.

Right now, it could go either way as to whether Snart will be the Big Bad, or the new hero of Central City. The two roles could be combined of course, as Barry realizes that Citizen Cold isn't as heroic as everyone thinks he is.

As for Miller's role in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, it's likely that this version of the character will be Snart returned from his death in the Oculus — the Legends' presence in the timestream probably protected them from the Flashpoint Paradox. Because, time travel logic.

An Alien Threat

In the Supergirl crossover episode, it was made clear that there have been no aliens discovered on Earth-One, superheroic or otherwise. But that all might be set to change in Season 3.

Introducing an alien threat as the Big Bad would be a neat way to tie into Supergirl, especially if Kara has to cross over to Earth-One to help defeat this villain. We've known for some time that there are multiple crossover episodes between these two shows, and Gustin said as much to DC Entertainment when asked about Supergirl:

"I bet next year, there's probably more crossovers than we've ever had."

So who could this alien villain be? There's plenty of villains from Supergirl's rogue's gallery to choose from — Brainiac in particular would fit perfectly in the sci-fi style of The Flash.

Brainiac in the DC Comics.
Brainiac in the DC Comics.

There is one notable alien threat from the Flash comics: The Dokris, an alien force who traveled back in time to disarm Earth. They were primarily an adversary of Kid Flash, a.k.a. Wally West, which would make them distinctly interesting for The Flash Season 3 — in this timeline, it could be Wally, not Barry, who becomes the Flash.

Someone New

And of course, The Flash writers could come up with a totally new villain for Barry to face. That seems somewhat unlikely at this juncture, though, as every villain so far has been adapted from the comics. But you never know!

Who do you think will be the Big Bad of Season 3?

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