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When The Flash's emotionally exhausting third season came to an end, the Scarlet Speedster sacrificed himself to the Speed Force in order to save Central City one more time, offering himself up as the replacement for Savitar, Wally West and Jay Garrick, to stop it from destroying the whole planet.

His emotional but epic exit left many of us wondering if we had truly seen the last of Barry Allen. Season 3 may have spent a lot of time highlighting how imperfect the speedster really was, but there's no doubt that he left the building — or plane of existence — in truly heroic fashion. Was this the epic farewell he deserved?

However, if the Season 4 premiere synopsis is anything to go by, the rumors of Barry Allen's demise may be a little premature. As part of its announcement for San Diego Comic-Con, WBTV released summaries for the premiere episodes of all of its shows. And of them all, The Flash's is undoubtedly the most interesting. Check it out below:

“Running up against an evil time remnant version of yourself is something no one should ever have to do, but that’s exactly what faced Barry Allen (aka The Flash) as he fought to save the life of fiancée Iris West from the God of Speed known as Savitar. Barry’s victory was short-lived, however, as an unbalanced Speed Force began to wreak havoc on Central City, forcing Barry to sacrifice himself for the greater good. With The Fastest Man Alive now trapped inside an extra-dimensional energy, and unknown dangers lurking in the shadows, it will be up to Team Flash to free Barry from his own personal Hell.

Join cast members Grant Gustin, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Keiynan Lonsdale and producers of The CW’s highest-rated series at their annual Comic-Con panel, and be among the first to find out where things will pick up when season four returns this fall.

Team Flash Haven't Given Up On Barry

As the synopsis suggests, it seems that despite the impossible odds, Team Flash will indeed attempt to rescue Barry Allen from the Speed Force prison. While we don't know how long it will take, this does suggest that the Flash will eventually return to Central City.

As the synopsis focuses on the fact that Barry is still trapped, rather than focusing on the future of the show, its highly likely that The Flash still intends on focusing on its protagonist. However, the interesting thing here is the use of the term "personal Hell." While that shouldn't come as a surprise given that Savitar, Wally and Jay all experienced their own personal hells within the prison, the Speed Force itself — in the form of Nora Allen — told Barry that he wasn't going to "hell" when it came to collect him. Could the Speed Force have lied, leading to Team Flash having to venture inside it to free him?

Furthermore, Grant Gustin's presence — and top billing — on the Comic-Con panel proves that the actor will be returning to lead the show. Much like Arrow's returning Season 6 regular Katie Cassidy is featured at their respective Comic-Con panel, you can bet that Gustin wouldn't be there if the showrunners didn't intend on bringing Barry back.

No matter what happens going forward, you can rest assured that Barry Allen will return. And as there are plenty of speedsters left on the show — including the likes of Kid Flash, Jesse Quick and Jay Garrick — you can bet that somebody will be speeding into the mystical dimension to retrieve Barry and bring him back home.

Are you excited about the fact that we haven't seen the last of Barry Allen? Let us know in the comments below!

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