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Without a doubt, The Flash has won all of our hearts during its three-season run on The CW. Whether Barry Allen was busy saving his loved ones or messing up the timeline, he always managed to bring in high ratings for the network. However, one thing that has frustrated many of the show's fans is its heavy reliance on speedsters — and more importantly, speedster villains.

However, it looks like we're set to get some major changes in Central City, as it has been revealed that Season 4's big bad will not be a speedster.

The announcement was made during The CW's DC Comics Panel at PaleyFest, when The Flash's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told everyone:

"Next season we're not going to have a speedster as the main bad guy."

The announcement was met with cheers from fans in the Dolby Theatre and signals a monumental change in the format to the popular show — promising a significantly different fourth season. Moreover, it also raises exciting questions as to what this could mean for the show next season, and has us wondering about what new type of evil Barry could find himself facing.

Speedsters No More

It's no secret that The Flash has heavily relied on speedsters throughout its run. During the show's first season, the Flash himself battled his comic-book arch-nemisis, Eobard Thawne — the Reverse-Flash. Then in Season 2, we saw the Scarlet Speedster go up against the monstrous Zoom. And when we finally thought we were going to get a different type of big bad in Season 3 with Dr. Alchemy, the show's producers threw a curveball and introduced Savitar, the terrifying God of Speed. And let's not forget about Trajectory and Flashpoint's The Rival, who also popped up throughout the series.

Savitar has raised some hell this season on "The Flash". [Credit: The CW]
Savitar has raised some hell this season on "The Flash". [Credit: The CW]

But on top of the bad guys, the show has also found itself overwhelmed with speedster superheroes as well. Aside from Barry himself, we also have Wally West, Jesse Quick and Earth-3's Flash Jay Garrick. So whenever an evil speedster raised his head, there were plenty of heroic ones to stop them.

The lack of a main speedster villain in Season 4 will set it apart from the previous seasons and allow the cast and crew to tell a brand new story. Furthermore, the lack of speedster danger might suggest less of a need for the multiple speedster heroes, perhaps signaling a significant change in the show's cast.

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The Flash Will Finally Be The Fastest Man Alive

When Barry Allen became the Flash, he was able to use his super-speed to save lives and stop criminals, defeating some major evildoers — including Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master. But in order to give him an archenemy, the show's creative team ensured that each big bad was always able to outsmart him. And the best way to defeat a speedster is to simply be faster.

The Reverse-Flash was faster than the Flash. [Credit: The CW]
The Reverse-Flash was faster than the Flash. [Credit: The CW]

Reverse-Flash, Zoom and now Savitar have all been quicker than Barry, and although it has forced him to increase his speed, there has always been someone faster in Central City. Thus, despite the show's weekly intro — in which Barry proclaims that he is "the fastest man alive" — the Flash was never the quickest speedster on the show.

But now that we know a speedster will not be the show's main villain in Season 4, it's highly likely that when Barry defeats Savitar at the end of Season 3, he will exorcize his speed demons once and for all. Thus, he will finally be able to live up his comic book destiny and become the Fastest Man Alive.

The Flash will finally be the fastest man alive!
The Flash will finally be the fastest man alive!

The fact that a speedster will not be featured as Season 4's big bad is surely an exciting change. But it's also a risk as The Flash will now be venturing into uncharted territory. After all, we have already seen a vast amount of his non-speedster rogues gallery of villains before — all of whom he has stopped at one point or another. How would this non-speedster manage to wreak havoc on Central City for an entire season when going up a against a team of them?

No matter what happens next, one thing is certain: The Flash Season 4 is going to bring some major changes to the beloved series.

Are you excited that The Flash Season 4's big bad won't be a speedster? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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