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In the words of Felicity Smoak, "It can affect us!"

In the recent episode of The Flash, Barry is shocked to find out that the Flashpoint Paradox that he has created has reached out and affected the lives of the characters on Arrow. Amongst discovering that Cisco's brother has died, he later finds out that Diggle's daughter, Sara, has now become John Jr.:

Dammit, Barry.

We know that there will be widespread ramifications for not just Central City, but for the characters of Star City, as well — even the possible return of previously dead characters.

We can only hope...
We can only hope...

While we are meant to believe that this is the only aspect of Arrow that Flashpoint has affected, two brief blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments in Episodes 1 and 2 of Arrow Season 5 allude to a reboot in the origins of a much-loved character.

In the most recent episode of Arrow, "The Recruits," Oliver references the murder of a crime boss by Tobias Church. The crime boss in question? None other than a member of the Bertinelli crime family. For those wondering why the name sounds familiar, it is the last name of Helena Bertinelli, also known as The Huntress.

Has Barry Changed The Origins Of The Huntress?

The last we heard of the Bertinelli crime family, Helena Bertinelli killed all the heads of the family and caused them to disband. She then attempted to kill her own father but was thwarted by Oliver and Sara Lance. Nonetheless, her father was killed, meaning the Bertinelli crime family was destroyed.

With the Bertinelli crime family having a presence in Arrow, could it be that Flashpoint changed the origins of Huntress? Without Helena turning vigilante, the Bertinelli crime family would never have been stopped, so with them cropping up in Starling City it seems that Barry has stopped Helena from becoming The Huntress.

Will We See The Return Of The Huntress?

Arrow made the mistake of turning Huntress into a borderline villain with her Season 1 revenge story arc. With the family still in operation, it is safe to assume that Frank Bertinelli never murdered Helena's fiance. As fans know, this is what set Helena on the road to becoming The Huntress.

With Helena yet to don the identity of The Huntress, Season 5 would be the best time to introduce the rebooted Helena. With Oliver recruiting a team that consists of very grounded vigilantes - and Ragman - now is a very opportune time to bring back Huntress.

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We know that Marc Guggenheim had plans to bring Helena back in Season 3 but that plan never came to fruition. It is also worthwhile noting that Arrow has teased the introduction of The Question for quite some time now. With The Question and Huntress having a very complicated, albeit popular, relationship, Guggenheim will see this as a perfect opportunity to (re)introduce both the characters.

It appears that we really do not know the full extent of Flashpoint across the Arrowverse, but with the recent Huntress revelation we can expect a lot of hints to be dropped in the upcoming episodes as both Arrow and The Flash deal with the fallout.


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