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She may be best known to viewers as Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries, but Nina Dobrev is ditching the Salvatore brothers for a group of nerdy medical students in the upcoming reboot of trippy '90s thriller . Dobrev will play a character named Marlo in the psychological that will see a bunch of medical students conduct freaky experiments on each other in the hope of finding out what lies beyond the grave.

If you're still not sold then, fear not, as Columbia Pictures has released a trailer for the upcoming film. Judging from it, the film might be even freakier than it sounds. Check out the trailer below:

Yikes. As I'm sure you gathered from the trailer, these experiments have devastating consequences that will have lingering effects for our protagonists. will star opposite a stellar cast, including Ellen Page and British actor James Norton, best known for his roles in compelling dramas Happy Valley and Grantchester.

Kiefer Sutherland is also set to reprise his role from the original 1990 film, confirming that the new Flatliners is not a remake, but a sequel. Judging from the trailer, Flatliners will be positively terrifying and we're excited to find out more about the film in the coming months. One thing's for sure — we won't be watching this one alone!

Flatliners hits cinemas in September.

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