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Sophie Atkinson

For pups' sake! Apparently, things between and have gotten ugly in a battle over their beloved pets, Bear and Bernie.

Stewart is said to be considering taking legal action against her former boyfriend in a custody battle for their two pet dogs. The pair bought mixed breed dogs Bear and Bernie while together, and since their split, the dogs have been staying with Pattinson.

Now, Pattinson is reportedly in the dog house for having left Bear and Bernie with a friend while he’s been shooting Maps to the Stars in Toronto.

‘Things have gotten pretty nasty between Rob and Kristen in recent weeks,’ a peculiarly gleeful sounding anonymous source told Grazia Magazine, while twirling their enormous baddie-style moustache. ‘And since Kristen found out Rob has left the dogs with a friend, she’s seeking lawyers’ advice on getting sole custody. She’s been warned it could cost up to $100,000 in legal fees.’

According to the same source, who took time out from swimming in their pool filled with Kristen n'Rob gossip dollar notes to explain, it's all to do with Riley Keough and Rob dating (is this story still happening? Didn't her PR already kill this?).

"She was gutted when she found out about Rob and Riley," the insider added, "Kristen has started sending friends to pick up the dogs - she couldn't face seeing Rob. No one knows how they're going to work this out or where the dogs will end up."

This builds on what another anonymous-source-being-paid-for-stories-about-Kristen told the Daily Star (so, given context, a generous pinch of salt seems in order): "Kristen thinks they should have one each. She's missing the dogs like mad, but doesn't want the situation to turn nasty."

Listen guys, while we can see both sides in this (as yet to be officially confirmed) dispute, we reckon if it is true, Kristen should let sleeping dogs lie - surely it's not fair on Bear and Bernie to separate them? Perhaps the ex-couple should sit down and have a discussion about who's in LA more, who has more time to spend with the dogs and decide who gets the adorable twosome that way.

But that's just our two cents. Sound off below with possible solutions.


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