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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It seems that all of the 'Forever & Always' fervor of the Twilight series has rubbed off on , as she's gearing up to get back. Despite contributing to their break-up with her fling with married director , sources indicate that Kristen is still smitten with Rob.

Word from Heat via 3News is that a source close to Kristen reported the lengths that K-Stew is prepared to go to in order to get back her man:

Kristen's making all kinds of promises - she swore she'd give him space, respect his friends and family, and stop busting his balls over the smallest things.

Sure, Kristen's upset, but the source revealed that Robert Pattinson is deeply confused and conflicted about their break-up, too. Heat's insider continued:

He got in touch, arranged to meet up and saw for himself that she really was at rock bottom. She was sobbing and begging for a chance to prove she was sorry.

He says he totally sucks at dating. He's totally lost. Basically, he hasn't clicked with anyone like he did with Kristen. His friends and family have told him that it takes more time - he needs at least a year to get over her. But he's saying nobody understands and that he's the only one with the answers.

Poor old Rob! It seems that even dates with a gorgeous celeb like Dylan Penn are not enough to distract him from the heartache he feels over Kristen. His friends and family are right that any less than a year is nothing when it comes to getting over a major break-up, and he should give it time, regardless of whether he intends to reunite with Kristen or stay separate.

What do you think, readers? Are the pair destined to reunite, or are they just finding it difficult to stay strong and lead their own lives?



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