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With Season 10 of Doctor Who over and done with, news regarding the hit BBC series has dropped as fans prepare for the upcoming Christmas Special. This year's Christmas Special, "Twice Upon A Time," will be Peter Capaldi's final adventure as the Doctor, where he will be joined by his first incarnation in a tale of hope and redemption.

Fans are usually excited for the Christmas Special or a Doctor regeneration, as most can't wait to meet the new Doctor. However, many fans feel let down this year due to the controversial casting of Jodie Whittaker.

Whittaker will be the first female incarnation of the Time Lord, and fans aren't happy. When Whittaker was finally revealed as the next Doctor, fans took straight to Twitter to slate the casting choice. However, former stars have come forward to reassure fans that a female Doctor is absolutely fine. The most recent actor, Matt Smith (who played the Eleventh Doctor) has stepped forward and revealed his thoughts on the casting.

A 'Brilliant Actress, A Great Person'

Whittaker has joined Doctor Who alongside close friend Chris Chibnall, who will be replacing showrunner Steve Moffat this year in preparation for Season 11.

Former Doctor Who stars including, David Tennant, Billie Piper and Pearl Mackie have already revealed their thoughts on the exciting news. Now, Matt Smith has finally broken his silence and revealed his thoughts to the public.

"She'll be brilliant. She's a brilliant actress, a great person. She's warm, intelligent, charming and funny, I think she's everything you need for the show.

He continued, saying that all Doctor Who fans should be saying: "I'm so excited, I simply cannot wait." While you may not agree with the casting choice, Whittaker still deserves every chance and fairness that all the other Doctors got.

Previous Doctors Are All For A Female Doctor

'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]
'Doctor Who' [Credit: BBC]

As soon as Whittaker was revealed as the next incarnation of the Time Lord from Gallifrey, former stars were incredibly quick to jump on board in favor of the idea. David Tennant, who played the Tenth Doctor from 2005–2010, has said Whittaker is "one of the best actors working in Britain today," and has everything it takes to be the Doctor.

Current Doctor Peter Capaldi also agrees with casting a female, and has kindly given Whittaker some tips and tricks when it comes to playing such a difficult character.

“I said just enjoy it because it’s absolutely incredible. She’ll be fabulous. It was lovely to speak to her and see how much affection and passion she has for the show. She’s going to be brilliant.”

While many Doctor Who stars 100 percent agree with the casting, former Doctor Peter Davison said he's not all for the idea, as it's going to be a struggle for younger males to "identify with a female lead." However, Davison's comments seemed to backfire, which resulted in him shutting down his Twitter.

Final Thoughts

From here onwards, fans should take the former star's words for granted and not panic over the casting choice. It may seem off-putting at first, but once the season gets going, Season 11 will be one of the best seasons yet.

Peter Capaldi will hand over the TARDIS key to Jodie Whittaker in the final moments of this year's festive episode.

What are your thoughts on Jodie Whittaker's casting? Sound off in the comments!

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