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For the past two years, Ricardo Medina Jr., who played Red Ranger Cole Evans in Power Rangers: Wild Force, has been embroiled in the investigation of a brutal murder committed by him.

On January 31, 2015, the actor murdered his roommate, Josh Sutter, after an argument involving Medina Jr.'s girlfriend. Sutter was taken to the hospital with 10 stab wounds, which Medina Jr.'s lawyer originally alleged were dog bites. Unfortunately, once there, he was pronounced dead. Ricardo Medina Jr. was then arrested.

Ricardo Medina Jr. [Credit: Saban]
Ricardo Medina Jr. [Credit: Saban]

At first, he denied the murder accusations, stating that his actions were in self-defense, and was released from prison due to lack of evidence. But the evidence mounted and a year later he was charged with murder.

In March of this year, Medina Jr. pleaded guilty to the voluntary manslaughter and was awaiting sentencing.

Josh Stutter [Credit: ABC]
Josh Stutter [Credit: ABC]

The result was that L.A. Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell has sentenced the actor to six years in state prison. It's important to note that there are three different sentences for voluntary manslaughter: Three, six and eleven years. Furthermore, according to enforcement officials, Medina Jr. could be released on parole in less than three years.

During Thursday's sentencing hearing, Josh Stutter's father said this about the actor:

“We also hope that everyone that looks at Ricardo from now on will never see him as a celebrity but as nothing more than a cold-blooded killer.”

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Stutter's father's comments are completely understandable. This is obviously a devastating situation for the family of the victim. Even more so, considering how they've had to go through it in the public eye. So hopefully, everything goes great with them and they're able to overcome this horrible tragedy.

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