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Deadpool fans, it's time to get mildly excited. Let me just say that again: mildly excited. Last week we reported that the Deadpool movie had come up against some serious obstacles at Fox. It seemed the movie-making head honchos were not all that excited about an R-rated Marvel movie.

Today, we've received news that although no major progress has been made, the Deadpool movie is still very much on the drawing board. It seems that Fox has finally commissioned some test footage from director and the initial response from screenwriter Rhett Reese suggests it's looking pretty damn good. He told Collider:

We have a phenomenal director in Tim Miller, who did about a 3-minute test for Fox, and Ryan [Reynolds] came in to do the mo-cap for it and the voice. And it's like the greatest three minutes ever. I look at the three minutes and I'm like, "That's the movie, and it has to get made." I think the biggest hurdle right now is convincing the-powers-that-be that it's okay to have a hard-R rated movie within the Marvel Universe. I think there just has to be a tolerance for the outlier. There has to be a tolerance for this one project that's not like all the other Marvel projects.

Reese's writing partner Paul Wernick adds:

Iron Man was like that when it came out. Tony Stark the hard drinking, fast-talking billionaire was very different from all the other Marvel characters. And look what it became. We feel that way about Deadpool.

So far, these guys -- who also penned Zombieland -- seem to be on the right track. They come off as adamant about delivering a true R-rated movie. To add further encouragement, a version of their script leaked last year generated a positive response from the Deadpool community. Reese explained:

The Deadpool fans who found it think that it's right in the wheelhouse of what a Deadpool movie should be. And so again, we're just fighting that uphill battle to convince people, and be positive.

Does this make you optimistic that the Merc With A Mouth will finally get the big screen appearance he deserves? Let us know below.


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