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Might Wayward Pines be the third season of 's tragically cancelled Twin Peaks we have been all been waiting for?

Judging from the pretty impressive cast... perhaps!

(Prisoners), (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), (Frozen River), (Watchmen) and (A Knight's Tale) all will have recurring roles, while plays the lead.

And it's only getting better:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, (Angels in America) and (About Schmidt) have joined the mystery thriller.

Wayward Pines follows a Secret Service agent (Dillon) send to the titular town to investigate the disappearance of two federal agents. But the more questions he poses, the farther the truth seems to escape, and soon our hero begins to doubt if he'll ever leave Wayward Pines alive.

The series has been described as being "in the vein of Twin Peaks".

will play an unassuming Realtor, while co-stars as a teacher at Wayward Pines Academy.

The only aspect of the show that makes the my pines shake uncontrollably (not even a pun... I am sorry!), is ’s role as an executive producer.

What was the last good Shyamalan movie you’ve seen? Exactly!

What do you think? Will Wayward Pines turn out the successor of Twin Peaks?


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