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became an instant hit during its first season, creating a loyal fanbase who loved to come back every week to see Ichabod Crane and his partners get up to their usual mystical shenanigans. Unfortunately, it experienced some ups and downs in recent years. In 2016, one of its main stars, , who played FBI agent (and Biblical witness) Abbie Mills, decided to leave the show. That sent the show into a downward spiral as fans jumped off the bandwagon.

Adding to the trouble, the once strong series had been steadily falling in the ratings. To put it into perspective, the Season 4 finale had a viewership of 1.72, almost a million less than its previous season closer and over five million less than the Season 1 finale. All of those developments were bad signs. Finally, it's been made official.

Sleepy Hollow Is Officially Coming To An End

After a long period of uncertainty over the show getting renewed for Season 5, its co-creator, Phillip Iscove, took to Twitter to reveal that (which last aired in March), was our last trip into the mystical exploration of New York City.

In his message (which was broken up into various tweets), Iscove thanked fans and the entire crew of the series for their loyalty and hard work:

"It's a sad day but in the end, Sleepy Hollow was an absolute dream for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to every actor, writer, director, producer, and incredible crew on all their endless hard work. But it's the fans that made the show truly come alive and to them I owe the biggest debt. Thank you so much! I love all the Sleepyheads!

That's unfortunate. Surprisingly though, there are mixed feelings regarding this announcement. Some fans are devastated about the show's fate, while others are happy it's finally ending. A common argument is the show's level of quality drastically dropping after its first season ended. Still, whichever side you're on, as with any TV series that ends prematurely, you may be wondering...

What About That Cliffhanger?

The Season 4 finale saw sell his soul to the devil to stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. At the very end of the episode, once he managed to save the world, he was finally made an American citizen. But one huge problem remained: His misplaced soul. What would he do about it? What happened after that? According to our hero, he'd figure it out. That's a weirdly frustrating ending. What happens after that?

Back in March, executive producer Raven Metzner gave an interview to TV Insider after the emotion-filled Season 4 finale aired. There, he revealed that a pickup was never guaranteed, and so the episode was crafted as a satisfying ending for the show:

"I think we wanted to make sure we were able to, in a satisfying way, bring Ichabod Crane to a place where he had reached a landmark goal. We had always talked about Crane becoming an American citizen. And the idea that he would finally find both a family and a larger place for himself in the world."

[Credit: Fox]
[Credit: Fox]

That will probably be satisfying to hear for some Sleepy Hollow fans. Unfortunately, the finale was also crafted as an open-ended chapter should the story have continued. If that would have been the case, we would have gotten a pretty interesting storyline that centered on Ichabod trying to get out of the deal he made:

"But at the same time, we wanted to complicate that, and messy it up a little bit, because if we were able to come back, we'd have something to look forward to Crane having to figure out. That's where the whole idea of the deal he makes, that puts him in jeopardy. And also, in writing that last scene, we had to write a careful line, because we understand that if the series comes back, that's a real awesome problem. But if it doesn't, I think we all believe and know as Crane says, he will find a way to figure it out."

So, while sadly it looks like we won't get to see a continuation of Sleepy Hollow, its creative minds did give us some closure. Despite not seeing how it will happen, we should rest assured by the fact that Ichabod will retrieve his soul at some point and will be living his dream.


How do you feel about 'Sleepy Hollow' coming to an end?

[Source: TVInsider]


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