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After seventeen years, Hugh Jackman is turning in his claws. Logan marks his last film role as the iconic . It's a bittersweet change; one that brought in high reviews for the latest Logan film and a tear-jerking farewell from Jackman to his fans.

One fan in particular was lucky enough to sit down with the Logan star to talk about his final moments as Wolverine. Under the pseudonym Lonstermash, this cosplayer is well-known for his uncanny resemblance to the Wolverine actor. In the interview, Jackman literally applauds Lonstermash on his cosplay, noting it's a good effort. "A really good effort!"

Lonstermash has been a Wolverine cosplayer for about four years. In that time, he has cosplayed just about every variation of Logan/Wolverine that you can imagine (Old Man Logan, Jedi Wolverine, and even Easter Wolverine). In an interview with Cosplay & Coffee, Lonstermash confirmed that he was actually approached by 20th Century Fox to interview Hugh Jackman via Facebook:

"I thought it was too good to be true after they told me I had the job soon after. I assumed that it was somehow going to fall through. But once they sent me the hotel and airfare confirmation a few days before the trip, I was beyond ecstatic!"

The cosplayer also had a chance to interview other cast and crew members of Logan, sitting down with Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, and director James Mangold. He sits casually before each of them in typical Logan attire: jeans, a white tank, and you know, ten-inch claws coming out of his knuckles.

Jackman reveals to Lonstermash that he was nervous to see the final outcome of Logan because he has loved playing the character and it felt very personal to him, saying:

It's always with me. But, yeah, I'll miss it at times. I feel like I'm part of their family. This movie, in a way, is a love letter to the fans.

The story behind Jackman's rise as the Logan character is nothing short of incredible. Originally, he wasn't chosen for the part of Wolverine (Can you imagine?) and only got a follow-up call nine months after his first audition. Jackman also tells Lonstermash the reason he had been in LA that fateful day in the first place.

What a lot of people don't know is the reason I was in LA at the time, when I went in for that meeting, was that I was there to finalize the adoption of my son. So if I hadn't have been there for that, then this would never have happened.

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Jackman tells Lonstermash how he has seen other Wolverine cosplayers at conventions and is always blown away by their dedication to the character. He then jokes that one day he'll will walk around a convention in a mask to experience it for himself.

He also states that he would not have made Logan his final act as Wolverine if he had not felt at peace with it. And he does.

Watch Lonstermash's interview with Hugh Jackman below and check out his interviews with the rest of the cast and crew on his YouTube channel!

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