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Sarah Gibson

The clock may start ticking again on Fox, as the network is looking to bring back signature real-time drama 24 as a limited series, after the death of the network's Touch.

Yep! According to IGN, is in early talks to reprise his Emmy Award-winning role as Agent Jack Bauer. While no deals are in place yet, Fox is keen to pick up where the hugely-popular political action thriller left off. 24 ended its eight-season run in 2010, and while movie talks look to have been put on hold, showrunner has pitched a plan to begin the show again with a new story arc.

Dang, Fox. Give Touch fans some time to mourn! But, seriously, this sounds like a great idea to me. I love how the rules of television have completely changed in the last 10 years with things like the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign and all kinds of other wacky things that keep happening like this revival... Exciting times.

So, what do y'all think? Is Jack Bauer the man? Let us know your thoughts below...



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