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Frank Darabont's feud with The Walking Dead and AMC has gotten very serious after the former showrunner and his lawyers filed a lawsuit against the network over the profits he's yet to receive for his work on the zombie drama. The complaint alleges that AMC set an unrealistically low license fee for the series and through questionable accounting practices deprived participants of their profits.

The complaint said:

Despite four seasons of unprecedented programming success and profitability for (AMC), Darabont has not received and may never receive one dollar in Profits for developing the Series

Darabont and his lawyers are also claiming that he was wrongfully fired from the show and should still get Executive Producer credits and a share of the profits from TWD spin-offs such as The Talking Dead:

AMC fired Darabont without cause shortly before Season 2 aired precisely in order to avoid its contractual obligations to pay him increased Profits (which vested fully at the conclusion of Season 2) and to avoid its obligation to negotiate to hire him as showrunner for Season 3. ...when asked for an explanation of this action, AMC was unable or unwilling to give any specific reasons for Darabont’s abrupt termination. AMC could not explain why Darabont was not given any notice, warning, or opportunity to cure any perceived problems.

You can check out the complaint in full here and while I'm no legal expert, it seems that Darabont's contract entitles him to the compensation he's claiming. It's also bad form on AMC's part to cook the books in order to avoid having to pay out profits. The Walking Dead is the biggest show on TV so surely the man who was responsible for making it possible deserves his slice of the undead pie?

I'll keep you posted on all the latest from the lawsuit, but in the meantime here are a few more TWD stories to keep you going.




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