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Since his Harry Potter days, actor has proven himself a versatile actor with a range that goes far beyond running around with a magic wand and thwarting He Who Shall Not Be Named. 2013 continues to be good for Radcliffe, with his latest project, the as-yet-unofficially-titled Victor Frankenstein already getting a prime release date, even though actual production on the film doesn't begin until the fall.

20th Century Fox has set the release date for the film as October 17th of next year, which is just in time for the Halloween pop at the box office, and a few months after Universal releases its own revisionist twist on a classic monster movie with Dracula Untold with rising star in the lead role.

Fox's take on the classic novel is also a revisionist one, with the script by Chronicle inker rumored to be a sci-fi update. Variety has referred to it as "a tale of friendship and redemption". So far, Radcliffe is the biggest star attached to the film, mainly because he's the only one officially slotted into a role. He'll be playing Igor, traditionally hunchbacked and loyal assistant to Dr. Victor Frankenstein. The roles of both Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster (if he's even in the movie) have yet to be cast.

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