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He might be dancing up a storm on the daily at the moment, but Frankie Muniz first charmed his way into our hearts as a youngun' on Malcolm in the Middle. Despite premiering 17 years ago (no, I'm not kidding), the hilarious sitcom is still endlessly rewatchable, and a firm fave for kids of the 2000s. But as memorable as the show is for us, it turns out that the star of series barely remembers any of it.

In his rehearsal video ahead of this week's performance on Dancing with the Stars, Muniz revealed that he has very few memories of his six years on , and actually struggles to remember a lot of his entire life:

"I've gotten to really do anything I've want to do, but the truth is I don't really remember much of that. ... I think it almost feels like it wasn't me. There's no negative feelings, I just don't necessarily remember."

While the 31-year-old says he's not quite sure how his memory issues started, he assumes it has something to do with the serious injuries and medical events he's had:

"I have had nine concussions, I've had a fair amount of "mini-strokes" — TIAs is what they're called: transient ischemic attacks. ... I'm not saying that those things correlate exactly to the reason why my memory's not great, but I guess if you think about it, it could be."

The Dancing with the Stars clip also included an interview with Muniz's former TV father, Bryan Cranston. The Breaking Bad star listed off the accomplishments of his former TV son, obviously in awe of how much he had achieved:

"Frankie was a television star, then he became a race car driver, and a drummer in a rock band. I said to him once, 'What are you going to be an astronaut next? You're doing all the things professional that everybody dreams about.'"

Bryan Cranston on 'Dancing with the Stars' [Credit: ABC]
Bryan Cranston on 'Dancing with the Stars' [Credit: ABC]

Cranston also talked about how he'd told Muniz not to dwell on his memory issues, reminding him that no matter what he remembers or forgets, no one can take his experiences from him:

"I told him not to worry about what you remember, won't you don't remember — they're still your experiences. It'll be my job, I will tell him 'remember this, remember that on Malcolm?' What a life for you."

And Cranston's not wrong, his former co-star certainly has lead a varied and fascinating life since Malcolm in the Middle wrapped. Following the end of the series in 2006 he became a race car driver, competing until 2009. He then went on to join the band Kingsfoil in 2012. And although he left the band in 2014, he still supports them — even recently helping out as the band's tour manager. Meanwhile Muniz still finds time to act, making one of his most recent appearances on the AMC series Preacher and of course, appearing on reality TV competitions like Dancing with the Stars!

You can watch the full rehearsal video and final Dancing with the Stars performance below:


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