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Last week's episode of Preacher really took things up a notch with the introduction of Lara Featherstone and Herr Starr, as well as a special cameo from a hell-dwelling Hitler. With the search for God well and truly in full swing, we should only expect things to get crazier for the remainder of Season 2, and apparently we should also expect a cameo from one of our favorite former child stars, Frankie Muniz!

Despite keeping a lower profile for the last few years, the Malcolm in the Middle and Big Fat Liar star is very much in the acting game, though his role in remains a bit of a mystery. Muniz appears in two promotional images for Episode 4, "Victor," dressed in a smart coat and shirt and standing in front of a homeless couple in a derelict setting.

has credited Muniz as playing a version of himself in the episode, and knowing Preacher — which frequently mentions other stars, such as Tom Cruise — it wouldn't be a surprise to hear that they'd turned him into some sort of former child star who's now involved in a seedy business. After all, he definitely looks like he's pitching something while standing in that squalid abode in the photo below — maybe he's trying to rent the place to Jesse and the gang? After all, Cassidy's friend didn't seem keen on having them stay long.

[Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC/Sony Pictures Television]
[Credit: Skip Bolen/AMC/Sony Pictures Television]

But between his stint on Malcolm in the Middle and Preacher, what else has Frankie Muniz been doing? Well, the former child star keeps fairly busy. Following his stint on the beloved Fox sitcom (and raking in that sweet syndication dollar), Muniz turned his hand at his big passion in life, race car driving, and signed a two-year deal with Jensen Motorsport. Between 2006 and 2009, Muniz raced in a number of events, though his 2009 season ended after a wrist injury. Although he spends less time on the race track these days, he still races occasionally and is clearly passionate about cars, recently attending a Formula One race in Barcelona:

However, race car driving and acting aren't the only strings in Frankie's bow, he is also a passionate musician. In 2012, Muniz joined the band Kingsfoil, and although he left the band in 2014, he continues to support his former bandmates, Jordan Davis and Tristan Martin. Muniz and his partner, Paige Price, recently accompanied the band while they toured, with Muniz acting as tour manager, and Price helping with band merchandise.

With all Muniz's other passions taking up a fair chunk of his time, he hasn't been acting quite as much as when he was younger, however his IMDb page shows a slew of credits from 2006 through 2017. The 31-year-old had guest spots on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Last Man Standing and The Mysteries of Laura. And he also starred in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! and the mockumentary Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness, which are probably the two greatest credits a person could have on their IMDb page. Currently, Muniz has two films in post-production with horror/thriller The Black String and family movie Another Day in Paradise 2, in addition, of course to his upcoming role in Preacher.

Unfortunately, the synopsis for Preacher Episode 4, "Victor," doesn't give us any clues on Muniz's role, reading:

Jesse pursues a lead and dives deeper into his search for God with Cassidy and we discover more about Tulip’s secret past.

But hey, one thing we do know for sure about the upcoming episode — thanks to the promo (see below) — is that we'll see more of Eugene and Hitler. I wonder what day the Führer could be reliving again and again.

Preacher airs Mondays on AMC.

Are you looking forward to seeing Frankie Muniz on Preacher?

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