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Many Nightmare on Elm Street fans — and Robert Englund himself — hated the 2010 remake, starring the talented but miscast Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. Most lovers of the franchise felt that it was the lack of Robert Englund that doomed the reboot to failure, but there have been many times where it was NOT Englund in the Freddy costume that we've loved. Check out 7 times Freddy Krueger was not played by Robert Englund... but it totally worked!

1. Is It Your First Time?

The very first moment we see Freddy on screen — in the opening scene where Freddy constructs his iconic glove out of parts in the basement — he's not played by Robert Englund. It's actually skilled effects man Charles Belardinelli. As if that wasn't interesting enough, Belardinelli eventually married Christina Rideout — Heather Langenkamp's stunt double! So, in a way, Freddy and Nancy got together...

2. Bath Time

Freddy's glove rising out of the water between Nancy's legs as she lies, vulnerable and naked, in the bathtub. It's possibly the most recognizable image from the classic first Nightmare on Elm Street movie, but that gloved hand was not Robert Englund. It was actually effects guru Jim Doyle, who happily remembered in documentary Never Sleep Again:

"I had the distinct pleasure of having Heather sitting on my knees with her feet resting on my shoulders for an entire day."

Doyle also played Freddy in the scene where Freddy stretches out of Nancy's wall, which involved him mashing his face and body into a sheet of spandex; probably not as pleasant as splashing around with Heather Langenkamp!

3. Stunt Freddy

Stuntman Anthony Cecere played Freddy for the dramatic moment in which Nancy sets Freddy on fire. He would later play Ghostface in Scream 1 & 2, as well as Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre reboot.

4. Comic Book Capers

Here's a scene that may have struck a chord in many viewers: comic book nerd Mark Gray is killed by Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child, but it's comic villain manifestation Super Freddy who strikes the fatal blow. Englund was not beefy enough for giant, jacked-up Super Freddy, who was played by bigger actor Michael Bailey Smith. Smith later went on to play Pluto in the 2006 The Hills Have Eyes reboot.

5. Chest Burster

Remember the scene in which Freddy bursts out of Alice's body? This time, Freddy was played by stuntman Noble Craig, whose legs were blown off in Vietnam. Craig was strapped to actress Lisa Wilcox with his body suspended by wires to achieve the amazing effect in Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child. He also played the Sewer Monster in Big Trouble in Little China and the Vomit Creature in Poltergeist II.

6. Young Freddy

In Freddy's Dead, we see Freddy as a little boy (played by Chason Schirmer). Portraying Freddy's angsty teenage years — Lord, what a thought — is Tobe Sexton.

7. Hell Freddy

In the final scene of Jason Goes To Hell, Freddy's glove emerges from the earth to pull Jason down to hell. That hand actually belonged to Jason himself, Kane Hodder.

What's your favorite Freddy Krueger moment?

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