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Close you eyes for a second and imagine you are sat in a dark theater. On the massive screen in front of you is Freddy Krueger engaged in a battle to the death with Jason Voorhees. Just as the fatal blow is about to be delivered, in steps a bare chested, chainsaw-wielding Ash, a maniacal grin playing across his face.

Now open your eyes and know that this movie came really close to happening.

Here's Freddy himself, , at the Nashville Comic Expo explaining how Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash nearly happened:

To be really honest with you guys, Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash—just say that five times fast—came this close [making an inch mark with his fingers] to being made as a movie. Right around the time Sam Raimi was the richest man in Hollywood after Spider-Man, he had a big meeting with Bob Shaye of New Line Cinema, the people at Time Warner, and they were thinking seriously about making it.

So how did Englund envision the movie poster? In the most awesome way possible, that's how:

I had this idea for a poster with Bruce Campbell with his abs all airbrushed like for 300 with his shirt open, standing there with my head under this arm and Jason’s head under this arm, and it would say, ‘Keep the world safe from sequels.

Amen to that brother.



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