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Freeform's young adult dramas have been doing exceptionally well with fans this year, with newcomer to the network, Shadowhunters recently winning a GLAAD Media Award for their portrayal of LGBT characters and tackling of LGBT storylines. Newbie drama Beyond has also been a hit with fans, having been marketed off the back of Shadowhunters Season 2A, and made immediately available to binge watch on both the Freeform app and Netflix (internationally!) for fans across the globe.

Following the success of these two shows, it should come as no surprise that fans everywhere have been waiting in anticipation of a renewal announcement for both shows, and finally we have it! Freeform recently confirmed that both and will be back for their third and second seasons respectively.


The Shadowhunters cast recently sat down for a Facebook Live video with fans, joined by newcomer to the cast Will Tudor (who will play Sebastian in the upcoming Season 2B), to answer fan questions and queries. It was in this video that the cast excitedly revealed that they would indeed be back for a 20-episode Season 3, premiering sometime in 2018.

Check out the offical announcement from the cast around the 1:34 mark!

You'll recall we left Season 2A of Shadowhunters with a ton of questions and speculation as Valentine managed to activate the soul sword, used it to a kill a bunch of Downworlders, and then ended up being captured by Jace. The Soul Sword — now deactivated by Clary — seems to have fallen into the wrong hands, as the season ended with a mysterious hooded figure — thought to be the villain Sebastian — striding away with the Soul Sword. Season 2B will pick up presumably where 2A ended, as Downworlders and Shadowhunters alike now find themselves in a perilous situation.

Shadowhunters returns June 5th on Freeform and June 6th on Netflix internationally!


Hot off the success of Shadowhunters, Freeform's Beyond was something of a marvel for the network, becoming one of its most successful new shows since it premiered. More than 14 million people tuned in to the new show during its first week, and the viewer figures only went up from there. It's had an incredible run over a mere 10 episodes and, like Shadowhunters, will return in early 2018, for a second season.

The Season finale of Beyond left us on quite the cliffhanger as Holden reluctantly ventured back into The Realm with Frost. Yellow Jacket finally caught up with Charlie, and threatened her and Annabelle before giving her Arthur's location. Back in The Realm, after breaking the bridge, Holden sees the consequences of his actions.

Beyond will return sometime in 2018 on Freeform.

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