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Despite how terrifying and heart-pounding they can be, we know that horror movies are ultimately fictional stories. Unfortunately, horror stories have been known to come true from time to time. Case in point, 2014's .

The film's story centers around a group of explorers who delve into the Paris Catacombs–– ancient ossuaries beneath Paris that house over six million skeletons––to find a treasure. Instead, however, they find a whole lot of demons, ghosts, and self-regret on the way.

A real-life version of that horror story recently came true for two French teenagers who spent three days trapped in the .

A Real-Life 'As Above So Below' Experience

For those of you who are unfamiliar with them, the Catacombs are essentially an interconnected maze that extends for over 150 square miles underneath the city. With the exception of a small section open to the public, most of it is off-limits and it's been illegal to trespass since 1955.

Despite that, eager explorers and daring types are known to enter the forbidden areas through secret passageways, which is exactly what the two teenagers did—they, however, got lost. You might think getting lost in vast catacombs full of human skeletons is bad enough, but the situation was made even worse by the fact that the average temperature there is approximately 15°C—or 59 degrees Fahrenheit for Americans reading this. Not cold enough to kill outright, but certainly enough to leech away at your energy, to say nothing of the sections that get colder as you go deeper underground.

On Wednesday, June 14 (two days after they entered) a search party was sent to look for the pair. Fortunately, the boys were found after a four-hour search. While both were in a state of hypothermia, they were taken to a hospital and they're now stable.

[Credit: Universal Pictures]
[Credit: Universal Pictures]

A spokesperson for the Paris Fire Department revealed to AFP that the search dogs were pivotal in finding the young men:

"It was thanks to the dogs that we found them."

Aside from the fact that the teenagers were trapped in there for so long, there's an intriguing fact about the whole situation: There's an entire branch of the Paris police force in charge of sweeping the Catacombs' forbidden areas to find intruders, so it's quite weird they never came across the teenagers. The two boys must have gone quite deep quite quickly to have been missed in an initial sweep, if there were one.

The whole situation is quite puzzling and unsettling. Fortunately, the boys are safe and recovering. Hopefully, this will be a good example for people to refrain from entering the forbidden areas of the Catacombs.

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