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If you have noticed an on screen trend lately, you're not the only one. So far, this decade has been all about the next big reboot, with a very wide range of success. While fans may be growing tired of the countless movie reboots, they may want to give the latest hot trend a shot. Instead of the tired tradition of rebooting an original movie with another movie — which let's face it: is usually a letdown — producers have opted to instead revamp familiar movies into hit television shows.

It worked with Scream, which just ended its second successful season, and The Exorcist has been getting rave reviews after only a few episodes. Not to mention the upcoming television adaptations of The Lost Boys, and Cruel Intentions, which my self has been unknowingly longing for! Television reboots have significantly less pressure than a large-scale movie remake, which could explain why they see success, and far less scrutiny. This explains why might just be the unexpected hit of the season.

The has been delivering weekly obsessions for years, so it should come as no surprise that they have a dark horse up their sleeve right as one of their fan-favorites, The Vampire Diaries is coming to an end. Frequency is closely related to the 2000 movie of the same name starring Dennis Quaid, and Jim Caviezel, but offers a few added details that allow the story to transform into the television equivalent. While the show does not directly copy the movie, the story offers a parallel plot, with a gender-bent protagonist, and enough of the original storyline to maintain the thrill of the original.

Frequency (2000)

A rare atmospheric phenomenon allows a New York City firefighter to communicate with his son 30 years in the future via HAM radio. The son uses this opportunity to warn the father of his impending death in a warehouse fire, and manages to save his life. However, what he does not realize is that changing history has triggered a new set of tragic events, including the murder of his mother. The two men must now work together, 30 years apart, to find the murderer before he strikes so that they can change history — again.

If you haven't seen the movie, you really should remedy that as soon as possible, because you missed out on suspense movie gold! If you refuse to watch anything over 10 years old, don't worry, the television counterpart plays homage to the original, so you won't be missing out entirely.

Frequency (2016)

A police detective in 2016 discovers that she is able to speak via a HAM radio with her estranged father; Frank Sullivan, a detective who died in 1996, and the two must work together to change the history of tragic events to come while also getting the chance to heal their complicated relationship

If you're wondering how the CW show differs from the movie, click on the spoiler below:

In the show Frank is a detective, who is murdered in an undercover sting. In the movie, he was a firefighter who died in a burning building. After being saved, he dies years later of cancer, but in the show he eventually dies in a car accident. The main character in the show is played by a woman instead of a man, and she is in a relationship up until she helps her father avoid death. Frank is happily married in the movie, but in the show, he is estranged from his wife and daughter while undercover. Additionally, while the mother's death is still at the hands of the Nightingale Killer, the reason he targeted her changes in the show. In the movie, she saves him after he is injured in the same fire that Frank was supposed to die in, but in the show, Nightingale first sees her in an elevator after she brings her daughter, Raimy, to visit Frank in the hospital.

While reboots may be an unwanted trend, they don't have to be a bad thing. Think of it as a way to witness your favorite stories unfold without ruining their reputation with a bad box office review. Granting a story new life, and allowing it the ability to sprout new branches, means endless opportunity for fans to enjoy something they love in a new light. Frequency has yet to disappoint, and so far it offers a more in-depth view of the narrative, giving the audience more of what they loved in the original movie!

Frequency first aired on October 5th, but is currently only a few episodes in, so you still have plenty of time to catch up for free on the CW app, or their steaming channel.

Who would you want to communicate with if you stumbled across an old HAM radio?

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