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Many fan theories are highly creative but, shall we say, stretch the limits of credulity. Angelica is a paranoid schizophrenic hallucinating the other Rugrats? Maybe. Doug was driven to drugs by a traumatic molestation? Hmmm... Interesting, but definitely requiring a certain point of view.

'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]

Still, Redditor Wilmatron poses a valid, grounded-in-the-real-world theory about Friday the 13th's antihero, Jason Voorhees. Specifically:

Why does Jason Voorhees get stupider in later movies?

Yes, yes, the cynical amongst us will say, "because sequels often get more crappy and illogical," but hush now – this is a time for satisfying curiosity, not scientific inquiry.

You have to admit, Jason has nothing on Freddy Krueger's level of wisecracking intelligence, nor the creepy stealth of Michael Myers.

'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]

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There's a simple answer for this:

Jason has suffered many blows to the head over the years, which has impaired his intelligence.

Over the course of TWELVE movies (and counting) Jason may have killed 222 people, but you can't do that much murdering without a few accidents along the way. Jason's been hit by an axe, machete, hammer, feet and fists even before you count a major hobby of his: Bursting unexpectedly through windows.

'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]

If you add in his time spent on Mortal Kombat X – a game where the entire point is to bash each other around – I'm guessing his brain is pretty much mulch by now...

The exception to this rule is Jason X, which sees Jason stalk a futuristic space ship without any apparent confusion as to his whereabouts or new modes of killing.

Remember, though, in Jason X he's been super-turbo-charged and turned into a high tech killing machine. Suffice to say, his new powers probably outweigh the years of cranial abuse.

'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th' [Credit: Paramount]


Jason Voorhees' head injuries account for his increasing stupidity: what do you think of the theory?

Source: Reddit


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