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Horror fans rejoice! It's your favorite day of the year (OK, minus Halloween..and maybe Christmas). Well, at least it's Friday, right? But it's not just any Friday — it's Friday the 13th! In honor of our absolute favorite day of the week, I have put together a little list that even the most hardcore horror fans should be able to appreciate.

The Friday the 13th franchise is one of the highest grossing and longest running movie franchises in history. With 12 films (and a 13th installment stuck in production hell) spanning over three decades, the franchise has grossed over $786 million at the world wide box office. Jason Voorhees is a pop culture phenomenon and his infamous hockey mask is one of the most recognizable icons of cinema

While most know the movies as being a staple in the horror genre, you may not know the following:

13. Laurie Strode In 'Friday The 13th'

Scout Taylor-Compton, who played Laurie Strode in Rob Zombie's Halloween and Halloween II, originally auditioned for a role in the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th. At the time, Compton also starred in the April Fool's Day remake — I mean how many horror remakes could one actress have gotten?

12. Don't Say His Name

Friday the 13th Part III is the only film in the franchise in which none of the characters mention Jason's name. Poor guy.

11. The Name Game

Speaking of names, the character of Jason Voorhees was almost called something different. Originally, the character was written as Josh, but writer Victor Miller deemed that name too innocent, so he changed it to Jason.

10. Forget The Date

Only four of the 12 films have been released in theaters on the actual calendar date, Friday the 13th. I remember seeing the reboot in a packed theater when it was released on a Friday the 13th — there was something magical about it.

9. Different Title

Victor Miller's original title for Friday the 13th was Long Night at Camp Blood. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, don't ya think?

8. Saved By The Machete

Saved by the Bell star Elizabeth Berkley auditioned for the lead role of Rennie in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, but the part went to Jensen Daggett instead. This turned out for the best because we might have never gotten moments like this had she spent her time otherwise:

7. 3D Innovation

Friday the 13th Part III was the first 3D motion picture to ever receive a wide theatrical release from a major Hollywood movie studio. It was also Paramount Picture's first 3D movie in over three decades. I don't know about you, but that old-school 3D gives me a headache.

'Friday the 13th Part III' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th Part III' [Credit: Paramount]

6. Jackie Voorhees

In the dubbed version of Friday the 13th, the name Jason is changed to Jackie. It is the only film in the franchise to receive that translation. Jackie — Jackie Voorhees.

'Friday the 13th Part II' [Credit: Paramount]
'Friday the 13th Part II' [Credit: Paramount]

5. Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. ?

Original endings for Freddy Vs. Jason were much different. One ending included a cameo by Ash (The Evil Dead) while another version featured Pinhead (Hellraiser) pulling the two characters down to hell. I always thought it would have been nice to add Michael Myers into the mix.

4. Take The Money And Run

Betsy Palmer, who played Pamela Voorhees in the first Friday the 13th, almost didn't take the job. She called the script a "piece of shit" after first reading it. She only agreed to take the part for the money. At the time of filming she was broke and received $10k for 10 days of work. That's pretty good money for the amount of work, even by today's standards.

3. Deadly Body Count

Over the course of 12 films, Jason has slaughtered 167 people, with the most being in Jason X (28 kills) and the least in Part II (10 people). What's your favorite kill?

There's more original video content at Movie Pilot video.

2. Not Every Movie Takes Place On Friday The 13th

The only movies in the franchise that are confirmed to be set on the infamous holiday are Part I, Part II and the 2009 reboot. Part III takes place on Saturday the 14th, while Part IV takes place on Sunday the 15th and Monday the 16th. As for the other films, it is never really mentioned.

1. 'You Like Me, You Really Like Me!'

Academy Award winner Sally Fields was offered for lead role of Alice Hardy in the original Friday the 13th, but turned it down. The part went to Adrienne King instead. Can you imagine what it would have been like otherwise?

Well horror fans, did you learn anything new about your favorite hockey mask-wearing, machete slinging, revenge-driven slasher? What was your favorite fact? Let me know in the comments below!

Oh, and before I forget — Happy Friday the 13th!


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