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Get ready for some brand new information, fans. With over two decades between the Friends series finale and our current era of reruns and Netflix, sometimes it feels like we know all there is to know about — heck, let's just say it — the greatest show of all time. And so you go about your day, not expecting anything out of the ordinary to happen, walking along when BAM! a brand new Friends Easter Egg hits you like a bus.

Are you ready?

'Friends' [Credit: NBC]
'Friends' [Credit: NBC]

OK, here it is, thanks to Reddit user electronicsunrise.

Remember when Joey started working at the casino in Vegas because his movie fell through? Or, if you're a serious Friends savant, simply Season 5 Episode 23 "The One in Vegas Part 1"? WELL, in that episode, Joey calls New York and asks Phoebe to get him his ATM pin number.

5639 'Friends' [Credit: NBC]
5639 'Friends' [Credit: NBC]

Joey's pin number — 5639 — spells out J-O-E-Y.



'Friends' [Credit: NBC]
'Friends' [Credit: NBC]


Did you notice that Joey's pin number spelled his name?

(Source: electronicsunrise via reddit)


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