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Fringe is finally coming to a close, and Fox plans to send it out in style. Not only are fans getting a two-hour event, but they have also released an extremely awesome (if slightly disturbing) poster to celebrate the event. Add this to the trailer we saw earlier, and things are starting to get pretty exciting!

It's been a bit of a roller-coaster ride since first released Fringe back in 2008. Special Agent Olivia Dunham (), "fringe" scientist Walter Bishop (), and his son Peter () have had to tackle their fair share of bizarre and mysterious happenings since then. However, their final challenge may prove to be their toughest. Set in the year 2036, the fifth season has seen the team take on the tyrannical regime of the Observers, in what FOX are calling the "final and extraordinary battle for the fate of mankind". Luckily, this latest poster suggests the plucky humans still have a trick up their sleeve. In pure Abrams style, I'm sure all five seasons worth of Fringe will all come together at the last moment. Check out the poster below:

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The final two episodes of Fringe, entitled "Liberty" and "An Enemy of Fate" will be shown back-to-back on Friday 18 January, starting from 8/7c on FOX.

How do you think the finale battle of Fringe will play out? Let us know below!


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