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I have to apologize to my editor in advance if my copy is smudged with tears. It's just... despite discovering Fringe less than two years ago, it's become a pretty important part of my life. Yes, Breaking Bad fulfills my need for TV that shakes my perceptions of the real world and the suffering within it but I don't throw on an episode when I need the comforts of family, of cheesy suspense and above all heart.

That show is Fringe. People may consider it an X-Files rip-off, but if you take the time to watch just one season and you will realize that it. Is. So. Much. More. Than. That. Fringe is a sci-fi odyssey about family, love, loss and sometimes just sometimes parallel universes. You see, Fringe manages, weekly, to be the most innovative science fiction show on TV. But that's not where its appeal lies for me. Its appeal come from the human connection that we all made with icy Olivia, scoundrel Peter and befuddled patriarch Walter. The Bishops make me laugh, they make me cry and they make me pine for more of them when they're gone. I'm well aware that Fringe is not the greatest ever, or even the greatest show on TV right now, but I'm damn sure it's my favorite.

So it's with massive emasculating tears in my eyes that I turn my gaze towards this Friday. It's not the final episode of Fringe ever, it's the one before it. The penultimate episode for all you Breaking Bad fans out there. (You know, because you're smart. Meth = smart.) But, the Friday following that: the 18th IS the final episode of Fringe. While most people's thoughts turn to the immediacy of the story (Will long running arcs like the observer invasion and the bald child be resolved?), my thoughts turn to the characters and their emotional resolutions, MY emotional resolutions with the characters, will THEY be resolved? That's my only question.

So, it's with cautious optimism that I report this quote to you fine science fiction fans. Cautious optimism brought on by a visionary's assurances that I won't leave empty handed. I won't be found wanting when the finale airs. At least not in the area I'm concerned about.

Series creator, movie director and all-around king of pop-culture J.J. Abrams was taking questions from journalists in Pasadena on Sunday for the return of NBC's Revolution. J.J. explained that while he hasn't seen the episode yet, he's confident that it's going to rock:

It will be great, I mean, the script is unbelievable. I think it will be incredibly emotional. If it’s not satisfying, I don’t know what satisfying is.

Trusting in J.J. (and I do) means that everything will be alright. I was one of the few people who was totally satisfied with the ending of Lost. It provided the emotional ending for the characters that I craved and infuriated everyone else in the world by leaving important plot threads hanging. That's just the way I like it. Roll on January 18th!


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