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Entertainment vehicle designer (How awesome would it be to have that title on your business card?), Harald Belker, caught up with the crew over at and sent them over some amazing concept art in advance of his interview with the geek-centric site.

Belker got his degree in engineering and used to design cars for the likes of Porsche and Mercedez-Benz, but his high-concept designs soon caught the eye of Hollywood, and he made his debut designing the iconic Batmobile for 1997's Batman and Robin (We can agree to give the designer a pass on that trainwreck of a movie, as his Batmobile was one of the only good things to come of it).

He brought along some concept art for 's ill-fated Superman: Flyby project, including some designs for alien pods and Superman's iconic logo:

He also revealed designs for Green Goblin's glider in 's Spider-Man, which were initially based on military tech concepts, but later reverted to the comic book version:

And, of course, in a world of superheroes and their toys, none have cooler toys than billionaire Tony Stark (okay, MAYBE Batman). Belker revealed some of the art for Tony's toys in 's original Iron Man film.

You can head directly to the site to check out the full interview with Belker, and to get an eyeful of the designs for his Pulse racing pod.


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