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If watching Disney's hit animated film Frozen for the first time ever made you wish you could have a wintry vacation in the fictional kingdom of Arendelle, the closest you'll get to the real thing is Broadway's upcoming stage adaptation of the movie.

Following the previous advanced sneak peak of the main Frozen cast in their costumes, production photos have now been released to give fans more insider's access to the most anticipated stage show of the year.

Ice, Ice Baby

When it comes to Broadway productions, you can expect the sets, effects, and costumes to be top-notch. And this photo of the Frozen production cast, featuring a backdrop of snow capped mountains and solid ice, seems to show we'll be getting all the key elements of an outstanding musical:

There's also the spectacular ice bridge Anna (Patti Murin) and Kristoff (Jelani Alladin) are walking across in the snow. Brr! Let's hope they aren't bothered by the cold:

When Stage Imitates Film

Aside from a first look at the sets of Frozen, there are shots of the actors in action as their characters. In the following photo, we get a first look at Kristoff's reindeer buddy, Sven (Andrew Pirozzi), as the two take a break from their ice business to make beautiful music together:

Elsa's (Caissie Levy) coronation scene looks like an exact replica of the scene from the movie:

And of course there's Anna and Hans (John Riddle) having their big love at first sight moment under the moonlight:

The cast and crew of the show traveled to Denver last month for stage try-outs, and recently celebrated their pre-Broadway opening in the city:

If these additional sneak peaks are any indication of whether or not Frozen will be embraced by the fans who loved the original movie, there's a really good chance we'll be seeing them renting their own sleds or ice skates to slip and slide their way to New York City on opening night!

Frozen on Broadway will debut on February 2018 at the St. James Theater.

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