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Plenty of Disney films have made the jump from animated feature to being performed in front of a live audience on the brights lights of Broadway. Among the movies to get the stage musical treatment in the past are Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. The latest Disney movie to join that lineup is the upcoming Frozen On Broadway, and we finally have a first look.

In an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly, the cast playing Anna, Elsa, Hans, and Kristoff have been pictured embodying their characters in full costume:

Actor John Riddle, who plays Hans in the stage production, also shared a photo on Instagram of himself from behind the scenes:

The musical adaptation of the beloved film already started stage try-outs in Denver, which will run through October 1 before finally making its New York Broadway debut in February 2018.

The stage production will be slightly different from the animated movie, and changes include more songs than the original film as well as some expanded storylines. Frozen On Broadway's Tony-winning director, Michael Grandage, told EW that he wasn't really interested in doing an exact translation of the movie to stage:

"I’m not particularly interested in slavishly replicating a movie onstage, because it won’t challenge anybody. We’ve got so many assets at our disposal where we can take that whole experience further. We can present things in new ways. We’ve got a bigger narrative arc. We’ve got more songs than the movie, and an opportunity to develop storylines in greater depth. But the thing we can do most of all is have real, live, breathing, beating hearts in front of people in the dark. I needed a cast where it wasn’t just going to be people who brilliantly pumped out some famous numbers, because I knew we had a bigger book and a bigger arc to explore and, in places, a really highly emotional journey."

For Frozen fans, the musical stage adaptation may give them a chance to look at the story and characters with a fresher perspective. But there are still some things that will remain unchanged in the stage version, like a musical number of the ever-popular "Let It Go." Frozen's original Oscar-winning songwriters Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez are writing the musical score for the Broadway version as well.

But Frozen mania doesn't stop with just the stage production. Olaf's Frozen Adventure short film will premiere before Pixar's Coco in November and recording is reportedly underway for the animated sequel. That's a lot of Frozen for fans to look forward to in the coming months, and into the next year. Not that the cold really bothered us anyway.

Are you excited about Broadway's Frozen musical?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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