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Sophie Atkinson

Ready for the most adorable thing you've seen all week after Channing Tatum's new born baby daughter? Frozen was supposed to be a straightforward remake of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, The Snow Queen. But as Frozen has been developed, it's become something different - and rather more intriguing sounding.

Now it tells the story of 'two sisters torn apart by a big family secret': Queen Elsa () is the older sister, who has cursed her kingdom to be permanently icy, and Anna ()is the younger sister, who tries to find Elsa after she flees the kingdom.

This all sounds very exciting, if a little serious. The teaser trailer is much sweeter and shorter. Instead of giving an overview of the film's story, it showcases the comic relief, Sven the snowman and Olaf the reindeer as they battle for Sven's carrot nose after Sven gets an attack of sneezing -apparently even snowmen are prone to hayfever!


Adorable or just incredibly, incredibly adorable? I absolutely 100% refuse to believe any of you can dislike this clip - but if so, tell me why below. Too sugary sweet, perhaps?

Frozen will be coming to a screen near you on the suitably wintry date of 27th November this year. Not long now!


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