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Frozen, like so many Disney films before it, adapted its fairytale source material to create a totally new take on the story, but one fan theory argues that one important element of the original remains.

A little background: In the original tale, The Snow Queen, there's an evil troll called The Devil who creates a mirror that reflects only the worst elements of your character. The mirror smashes into billions of pieces, and one the size of a grain of sand gets into the main character's eye so they can only see the terrible parts of the world.

All Images: Disney
All Images: Disney

Ben at SuperCarlinBrothers explains in the video below how Disney's Frozen never lost that mirror element, but chose to portray it as a person instead: Hans is the mirror.

"Maybe instead of having a literal mirror, they turned the mirror into a character, a character who features many different personalities that don't seem to match up. Hans literally acts like a mirror to anyone he comes in contact with. He never has any scenes by himself, and no matter who he's talking to he always assumes their mannerisms, motivations, fear and personality, then reflects it back onto that character. This is why Hans comes across as so convincingly genuine, because he's reflecting genuine people."

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Hmmm. It's a lot of food for thought, and though the symbolism is there, this may be one of those theories that fits nicely and satisfyingly into the storyline but was never intentional. Personally, I'm more amazed by the revelation that the characters' names spell out the name of the man who wrote the original, The Snow Queen:

Hans Christian Andersen — Hans Kristoff Anna-Sven

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Is Hans the mirror from the original fairytale adapted into a real person for 'Frozen'?

[Source: SuperCarlinBrothers]


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