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Tino Jochimsen

Every year the Sundance Film Festival presents at least one big success story. Sometimes those stories lead into a much bigger narrative, like last year’s Beasts of the Southern Wild, which went on to become a multiple Oscar nominee and grossed over $10 million on a miniscule budget.

This year’s big Sundance winner is ’s true crime drama Fruitvale Station, which tells the story of the infamous 2009 shooting of Oscar Grant in a very personal way, concentrating on the events in Grant’s life leading up to the incident which, tragically, ended it. Apparently Fruitvale Station is quite the tearjerker, with every review – even the not overly enthusiastic ones – underlining the hefty emotional punch the film throws. The lead performance by (Chronicle) is also said to be a standout.

The drama took home the Grand Jury Prize as well as the Audience Award.

The obvious analogy here seems to be Precious, a similarly emotional real-life story. The film took home three Sundance awards, before grossing astonishing $47 million and winning several other awards, among them two of those golden, bald ones...

We’ll see if Fruitvale will do likewise….


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