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The Big Bang Theory seems to be growing bigger and bigger these days, not only by viewership, but also by creating a spin-off to accompany the mothership show. The spin-off show, Young Sheldon, is new a CBS fall comedy show and made its debut appearance on Monday night.

It has now been confirmed that will officially get a full season following its record breaking premiere earlier this week. The single camera sitcom was watched by a massive 17.21 million people on its opening people, making it the most watched comedy debut on any network since 2011.

(Note: The next part of this article contains mild spoilers for Young Sheldon.)

'Young Sheldon' [Credit: CBS]
'Young Sheldon' [Credit: CBS]

A Lighthearted Spin-Off Telling The Perfect Story

Following its great success on September 25, the spin-off will continue with Season 1 on November 2. Iain Armitage, who plays the younger version of the fan-favorite character, proved to be the perfect casting choice as a younger version of Sheldon. Armitage has the same essence as Jim Parsons to be that annoying, witty and memorable character that fans know and love.

Sheldon may come across as quite annoying and irritating in The Big Bang Theory, but, fans witnessed Sheldon's much softer side in the opening episode of Young Sheldon. The pilot episode saw Sheldon's dad open up to the adorable young Sheldon by having a heart-to-heart conversation. He went onto explaining how he was fired from his job, which changed his life around completely. With Sheldon realizing how much damage this did to his father, Sheldon began to see what life was all about and took his father's words to heart.

We see this sentimentality carry over later when they're having dinner. Sheldon has a rule that he must wear mittens when saying grace, and although he doesn't like going against himself, he puts that rule aside and took his mitten off just to hold his father's hand.

Final Thoughts

There are undoubtably many people among those 17 million who have yet to decide on what they think of Young Sheldon so far — it is difficult to judge a show based on one episode. However, Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, returns to the spin-off show by narrating his life as a youngster, so that is a nice carry over. Parsons' narration in the series is enough to bring a tear to your eye, as it shows how much of a complicated life Sheldon actually led as a child. With a full season on the way, many more stories and secrets are to be told as the series goes along.

Did you enjoy the season premiere of Young Sheldon? Will you be watching the rest of the series? Sound off in the comments!

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