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Were you really anyone on the schoolyard if you didn't know at least the first three verses of the Pokérap and have a shiny Charizard in your possession at all times? Ah, that sweet '90s nostalgia of the Pokémon craze, will it ever end? Well, prepare to turn your caps backward, start humming the theme tune, and choose your favorite starter , for those pocket monsters are preparing to make a comeback in a big way. Heading back to the early days of Ash Ketchum in Pallet Town, those cartoon gods have just dropped a full trailer for the upcoming Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!.

We're Going Back To The Start

Delving back in time — but also giving us a whole new story — I Choose You! isn't the boring rehash of Ash's origin that some of us may have expected. Starting exactly where the Japanese cartoon series did in 1997, the story starts with a lonely Ash Ketchum picking his first ever pocket monster. But what's new? Well, there are some notable changes to Ash's traveling companions, and original series stalwarts Brock and Misty have been swapped out for newcomers Makoto and Souji. Brock and Misty aren't the only ones MIA, and I Choose You! has ditched the spikey-haired Gary to introduce Ash's latest nemesis — the trailer shows off the arrogant Cross with his intimidating Incineroar.

Some bits have been reanimated and fleshed out since their origin two decades ago, while other parts of the story are completely new. Legendary Pokémon will clearly play a big factor, with the de facto mission of I Choose You! being the quest to track down the mythical Ho-Oh. However, we see other legendaries like Entei and the latest addition, Marshadow. In fact, the Kanto region has had a bit of an upgrade and it isn't just the artwork on the movie that looks a little different. No longer is Ash stuck catching boring old Pidgeys and Rattatas, and there is a whole host of other generation Pokémon for him to wrap his balls round!

While it may not be quite as emotional as those heart-wrenching scenes from Pokémon: The Movie 2000, there's still plenty for audiences to get misty-eyed over. Of course it is the emotional journey between Ash and Pikachu that is still very much at the center of the story. With rousing music and that infamous Spearow scene, I Choose You! will be retracing some of the greatest moments from the franchise's early days. However, the new trailer has a twist in the tale, and as Ash and Pikachu struggle to bond with each other, we see Ho-Oh flying overhead to solidify their friendship. It isn't all new bells and whistles though, classics like Butterfree and Lapras all have a part to play, and the trailer also highlights another moving moment from that cute lil' fireball Charmander. We may have aged over the years, but it looks like Pokémon still aims to tug on the heartstrings of those who grew up with the show.

Even with an updated theme tune and some controversial character changes, I Choose You! looks to be the biggest and brightest Pokémon adventure yet. With 20 years of Ash's amazing adventures, let's hope this one can "Team Rocket" to the top of the box office. Landing in select cinemas on November 6, will you be trying to catch them all?


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