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, the 56th animated feature film of the Walt Disney Animation Studios, is already capturing the hearts of moviegoers across the nation. Not to be mistaken for a princess movie, this film about a chief's daughter with an animal sidekick makes use of the latest in 3D animation technology while also combining traditional 2D animation — it's the best of both worlds!

If you've already seen the film, I'm sure you're already itching to see it again to try and find all the Easter Eggs. If you haven't, well then you're in luck! This post will guide you in everything you need to look out for so you don't miss a thing. From hidden characters to caricatures of the film's directors, this is the video you've been looking for.

Here's a couple of the Easter Eggs listed in my video above.

1. Flounder From The Little Mermaid Swims In Briefly

Flounder, our fishy friend from , makes an appearance during Maui's song "You're Welcome." When Maui starts to take us into a flat, 2D world, start paying attention when various fish start to come swimming in from the right. If you blink you might miss it, but Flounder is swimming among the many fish.

It's actually no surprise that Flounder was utilized as a cameo appearance considering Moana's film directors also directed The Little Mermaid. Speaking of the directors...

2. The Film's Directors Make An Appearance

Ron Clements and John Musker's cameo appearance in 'Aladdin'.
Ron Clements and John Musker's cameo appearance in 'Aladdin'.

The film's directors are known to hide caricatures of themselves in the Disney animated films they've directed. Ron Clements and John Musker have directed some of your childhood favorites such as , , , and so many more. However, their appearance in Moana can't be seen in any crowd shots.

During this song, "Where You Are," is where you'll find Ron and John hiding.
During this song, "Where You Are," is where you'll find Ron and John hiding.

While there's obviously no footage available to grab, I can tell you that they appear very quickly in the beginning of the film. In the first island song, "Where You Are," villagers come out to place a tapa cloth on a clothesline. Pay attention to the details on the fabric — the directors have hidden themselves in its design.

3. Sven From Frozen Flashes In

When Moana and Maui find themselves in Lalotai, the Realm of Monsters, they seek out Tamatoa, a giant crab that has something of Maui's. Without giving any spoilers, this is where you'll see Sven (he's not hard to miss). Right after Sven makes his appearance, you get to enjoy a little musical number.

If you want more Easter Eggs, character cameos, and fun facts on Disney's Moana, you'll have to check out the rest of my video. If you love Disney trivia and Disney vlogs, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I just recently returned from an All-Asia Disney Park trip that included Hong Kong Disneyland, the new Shanghai Disney Resort, and Tokyo Disney Resort, so there are tons of videos from those locations being released weekly on my channel!

If you wanted to know more about Moana and the legends that inspired the film, check out the video below:

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Let me know in the comments what you thought of Moana and if you noticed any other Easter Eggs!

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