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Underworld: Blood Wars might be the fifth movie in the franchise, but it was the original movie that contributed a unique spin on vampire mythology. With sun bullets, a war that ranged over centuries, and a manipulation that changed the protagonist's world view forever, it isn't hard to tell why Underworld is still a favorite among fans and Kate Beckinsale's Selene is an iconic pop culture role:

Think you know everything about the film? Are you excited for and just want a refresher? Here are some fun facts that you might not have known — or at least forgot — about the original Underworld movie.

1. Halle Berry Was Considered For The Role Of Selene

While the lead role of Selene ultimately went to , Halle Berry was at one point a serious contender. She went on to play a leather-clad Catwoman a year later... I'm not sure she got the better end of the deal.

2. No Effects Or Modulators Were Used For Kevin Grevioux's Voice

Normally to get a voice that sounds like Grevioux's, a voice modulator or post-production effects are used, but not in this case. That naturally deep, gravelly voice is all him and one of the reasons he got the role in the first place.

3. Was Pitched As "'Romeo And Juliet' For Vampires And Werewolves"

Kind of like another vampire movie that came out five years later... I just want to know how many went to see it because of that. Pretty sure Selene would have kicked Edward's ass, though.

4. Kate Beckinsale And Michael Sheen Were In A Long Term Relationship During Filming

Kate Beckinsale and were actually in a relationship at the time of filming. Ironically, Beckinsale met her future-and-now-ex husband Len Wiseman on the shoot. She and Sheen are still friends, however. Their daughter even later appeared as young Selene in Underworld: Evolution!

5. David Bowie Was Going To Make An Appearance

Director Len Wiseman wanted the late, legendary to make an appearance during the vampire dinner scene, but scheduling conflicts prevented it.

6. Michael Sheen And Wentworth Miller Were Both Considered For The Role Of Michael Corvin

Eventually, the role went to Scott Speedman. I think they went the right route with that; it's hard to imagine Michael Sheen as anyone else in that universe but Lycan leader Lucian. Wentworth Miller might have been an interesting choice, though.

7. Both Sheen And Sophia Myles Would Later Star In Other Vampire Series

Underworld wasn't the last time some of the cast would play characters in other fictional vampire worlds. Sophia Myles (Erika) also played Beth Turner on the short-lived Moonlight TV series, and Lucy Westenra in the 2006 TV movie adaptation of Dracula. As for Sheen, he later went from werewolf to vampire when he played vampire Volturi, Aro.

Underworld: Blood Wars is in theaters today. Just in case you missed the trailer, here it is in all its cyberpunk glory:

My last question: Is Kate Beckinsale actually a vampire? She never ages.

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