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The bald minority at Moviepilot.
Tino Jochimsen

Hollywood studios take weird things away from a movie's success. Case in point Ted. Lessons to be learned from that hit, which grossed rather sweet $508 million worldwide, could be that audiences love no-holds barred R-rated but nevertheless heartfelt comedies. Or that you should really give free reign, and that sleazy dancing by should be encouraged, instead of prevented.

New Line Cinema has just learned another lesson: It’s teddy bears the public wants. And teddy bears we shall get!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, will produce and possibly star in a family film tentatively called Teddy Bear, which is based on a picture (!), drawn by Alex Panagopoulos, a Greek software engineer.

It depicts a teddy bear heroically fending off a monster, which looms over his sweetly-sleeping human.

Like his fellow bald action star , Johnson has starred in his fair share of family adventure films (like Journey) so this is not some new direction for the actor...although, the question remains: who is he going to play? Judging from the picture (which we probably really shouldn't) the most probable scenario would be Johnson voicing the brave bear.

Although no writer is attached, New Line is reportedly hoping to launch a big, decidedly not bad franchise. If this sounds like something you can snuggle up to, [[follow]] to get the latest as this film comes together.


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