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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead for Logan, proceed with caution.

Despite the fact that Logan and Professor X now looked considerably older than last time we saw them both, it was actually quite difficult to remember the fact that Logan was set in the year 2029.

As we're used to movies set in the future bombarding us with crazy new gadgets and gizmos, it was remarkably refreshing to see a more realistic approach taken in James Mangold's Logan. However, as subtle as they were, there were still definitely a few moments throughout the film that took you right out of 2017 and 12 years into the future. Take a look below to see a few of the best futurist moments from Logan:

The extinction of tigers

It was a subtle but savage reveal when Donald Pierce revealed in the first half of the film that tigers were now extinct. The moment was easy to miss and came when Pierce compared Logan to tigers and Freddy Krueger, but then went onto say that Freddy was fictional and tigers were extinct. Ouch.

Driverless Auto Trucks

The auto-trucks in Logan looked less like this and more like Transformers [Credit: Scania]
The auto-trucks in Logan looked less like this and more like Transformers [Credit: Scania]

Probably the most advanced piece of technology in the entire film was the appearance of the auto-trucks on the highway. This piece of technology almost caused a huge car crash for Logan and his passengers, and made it quite terrifying to watch while the Munson's tried to recover their panicked horses.

Despite it being quite a scary advancement, it's also one that is highly likely to happen soon with driverless cars already on the road, and demonstrations in Europe proving that driverless trucks will be soon to follow.

That enormous corn thresher

Along with putting truck drivers out of business, farming implements in Logan looked like they had probably put more than a few farmhands out of work. The huge corn threshers used by the corporation who bought up all the land around the Munson's farm was a huge advancement, able to do the work of several people in a fraction of the time.

The corn itself was also a development, with Will Munson talking about how it had been genetically modified to be resistant to pests and herbicides. Unfortunately all the messing with the corn left it pretty gross to eat by itself, though that hardly mattered considering it was destined to be corn syrup.

Logan's leased Chrysler & amazing GPS

Logan waits for a funeral goer [Credit: 20th Century Fox]
Logan waits for a funeral goer [Credit: 20th Century Fox]

Logan's leased Chrysler limo got a bit of a thrashing throughout the movie, but when it was shiny and pristine it was easy to see that it had had some futuristic modifications.

According to Auto Blog the car was basically a much longer version of Chrysler 300, though it has a number of interesting modifications, including the small, curved rear glass window. One commenter added that after seeing the small "E8" badge on the car, the limo might be a modern interpretation of the Chrysler Imperial E80, Chrysler's top of the line vehicle for most of the company's history.

Inside the car we also got another look at how far technology had come when we saw the amazing touch-screen GPS unit installed on the dash. Long gone are the days of pixelated Tom-Toms, this bad boy was crystal clear and worked in the blink of an eye, it's just a shame the whole thing ended up wrecked!

Logan is in cinemas from March 3


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