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Everyone knows that 2015 is going to the year of the blockbuster, but as well as all the talk of The Avengers, Batman vs Superman and Star Wars: Episode VII, that year will also see the third instalment of another toy/cartoon/comic franchise; G.I. Joe 3.

The screenplay is currently being written by and he spoke to Screen about whether he would have killed off Duke () in Retaliation and why he's trying to use more elements from the comic in the action movie extravaganza:

Would I have killed off Duke? It’s hard to say, you never know what process that went through to make that film. I don’t know, it’s hard to say, because sometimes killing off a character might make for a dramatic story, but what I’ll say for this new movie, what we’re trying to do, what I”m trying to do, being a fan of the original cartoon in particular and the comic book as well. The comics are somewhat different than the cartoon. We’re just really trying to make a totally a great G.I. JOE movie which to me is about a lot of action but like a lot of fun with a sort of hint of sci-fi, an exciting world you’ve never been to, etc. So ya, I’m excited about what the next G.I. JOE Movie can be.

Daugherty certainly sounds like he's a man with a vision and I think drawing more from the comics can only be a good thing.

Do you think Duke will return in G.I. Joe 3? What would you like to see go down in the movie? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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