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Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently aired its 11th edition of the popular segment, ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’, which was one of the best to date. Some of the most famous celebrities came on the show to read horrible things people had said about them on Twitter, with Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot leading the charge in tremendous fashion.

Gal Gadot Adressess Body-Shaming Comments On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

To kick off the segment, read a tweet that was a grammatical nightmare, but it spoke to a criticism of the actress that ran rampant when she was originally cast as Wonder Woman. The tweet reads as follows:

"gal gadot?????? imma be wondering why that woman got no titties"

Before Gal Gadot made her first appearance as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, people condemned the casting choice because of Gal Gadot’s physical appearance – most specifically the size of her boobs.

The tweet sums up all the ridiculous criticism of Gal Gadot in one sentence, but it didn’t seem to faze Gadot at all. Of course, she did have some trouble reading the terribly written tweet, but once she got through it, her response to the comment was stellar:

“They’re here… they’re here, don’t worry”

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live! [Credit: ABC]
Jimmy Kimmel Live! [Credit: ABC]

After Gal Gadot thoroughly Dismissed the Twitter troll concerned about her breast size, other celebrities joined in on the fun and read hilarious – and sometimes lewd – comments about themselves. Emma Watson read a tweet that wasn’t as mean as it was weirdly passive aggressive, which said that she’s the type of person you would be friends with for a short time and then never talk to them again.

One Twitter user commented on Jake Gyllenhaal’s “punchable, ugly, starry-eyed pug face”, while another gave Elizabeth Moss the most backhanded compliment of all time, which ended with the phrase, “…despite my grandmother’s harsh opinion that she’s hideous.” John Lithgow, Dave Chappelle, and Jeffery Tambor joined in on the fun, but it was Gwyneth Paltrow’s tweet that took things to the next level:

“Can Gwyneth Paltrow just stick to steaming her vagina and just shut the f*ck up, for f*ck’s sake.”


Jennifer Anniston received a rather banal tweet comparing her to a bag a flour, but Jim Parson got very surprised when a Twitter user commented that her looked like a ventriloquist dummy that came to life and became a pedophile. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau read a tweet referring to his Game of Thrones character’s penis size – which is oddly specific – and Kristen Bell’s tweet was similar to Emma Watson’s.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! [Credit: ABC]
Jimmy Kimmel Live! [Credit: ABC]

Jennifer Lawrence’s mean tweet was particularly strange and specific, which reads as follows:

“I bet Jennifer Lawrence gives really unenthusiastic handjobs.”

While most celebrities would have been baffled by the comment, Jennifer Lawrence responded delightfully in the self-deprecating way that her fans have grown to love about her by saying, “How did they know?”

The segment rounded out with Bob Odenkirk, Michael Keaton, and Alec Baldwin; however, Baldwin decided to read a criticism from a notably enthusiastic Twitter user, Donald Trump. Kumail Nanjiani brought things home with his tweet, which asked if his penis was multiple colors. Without missing a beat, Nanjiani responded in a harsh but hilarious fashion:

“Yes, every shade of your mother’s lipstick… And her butthole.”

The segment is all in good fun and meant to be a funny way to turn trolling internet culture on its ear; however, a lot of these tweets are legitimately terrible. We have to give credit to the celebrities for being good sports about the whole thing and transforming hate targeted at them into comedy for us to enjoy.

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